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Map of Ohio
Locator Map of Ohio

  • (1670) French explorer, Rene-Robert Cavelier, discovered Ohio region, claimed for France
  • (1748) Ohio Company formed by Virginians
  • (1750) Ohio Company claimed land for England
  • (1754 - 1763) French and Indian War
  • (1763) France ceded all rights to the Ohio Territory to Britain in Treaty of Paris
  • (1768) Iroquois Indians ceded all lands south and east of Ohio River to British in Treaty of Fort Stanwix
  • (1775 - 1783) Revolutionary War
  • (1783) Treaty of Paris ended Revolutionary War; England ceded all lands in Ohio
  • (1785) Methods of surveying, dividing land in Ohio established by Land Ordinance of 1785
  • (1787) Ohio became part of Northwest Territory
  • (1788) First permanent white settlement in Ohio founded at Marietta
  • (1790 - 1794) Ohio Indian Wars
  • (1795) Treaty of Greeneville ended Ohio Indian Wars; Indians gave up most of lands
  • (1800) Chillicothe became capital of Northwest Territory; Division Act created Indian Territory
  • (1802) Formation of state government in Ohio authorized by Congress
  • (1803) Ohio became 17th state, first state west of Allegheny Mountains; Chillicothe named state capital
  • (1810) Zanesville named state capital
  • (1812 - 1814) War of 1812
  • (1812) Columbus founded; Fort Meigs constructed to protect Ohio from invasion
  • (1813) British failed in attempt to overtake Fort Meigs; Oliver Perry Hazard's fleet defeated British fleet at Battle of Lake Erie
  • (1816) State capital relocated to Columbus
  • (1832) Ohio and Lake Erie Canal opened
  • (1834) Anti-Slavery Society founded in Zanesville
  • (1835) Boundary dispute between Ohio and Michigan caused Toledo War; Ohio granted contested lands around Toledo
  • (1840) William Henry Harrison elected U.S. President
  • (1842) Ohio's last Indian tribe, Wyandots, relinquished all claims to land within state; left Ohio
  • (1845) Miami and Erie Canal opened
  • (1851) Current Ohio Constitution adopted
  • (1852) Publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin, written in Ohio by Harriet Beecher Stowe, increased racial tensions between North and South
  • (1859) In an effort to end slavery, abolitionist John Brown's led raid on Harper's Ferry
  • (1861 - 1865) Civil War
  • (1863) Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan led troops on raid across southern Ohio (Morgan's Raid); Battle of Buffington Island was only Civil War battle fought in Ohio
  • (1864) President Abraham Lincoln promoted Ohioan Ulysses S. Grant to supreme commander of Union forces; Ohioan William T. Sherman's Union forces captured Atlanta; Sherman led troops on "March to the Sea" from Atlanta to Savannah
  • (1865) Robert E. Lee surrendered Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysses S. Grant
  • (1868) Ulysses S. Grant elected U.S. President
  • (1869) Cincinnati Redstockings, first professional baseball team, founded; W. F. Semple of Mount Vernon patented chewing gum
  • (1870) John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil; Benjamin Goodrich opened rubber plant in Akron
  • (1876) Rutherford B. Hayes of Ohio, elected U.S. President; Ashtabula train accident killed 83
  • (1878) First cash register developed by James Ritty
  • (1879) Ohioan Thomas Edison invented electric light bulb; Cleveland became first city in world to be lighted electrically by arc lights; National Cash Register Co. founded in Dayton
  • (1880) James Garfield elected U.S. President
  • (1881) President Garfield shot by Charles Guiteau
  • (1884) Three-day riot occurred at Cincinnati Courthouse following verdict of murder trial, 45 townspeople killed, 139 wounded
  • (1888) Benjamin Harrison elected U.S. President
  • (1896) Ohioan William McKinley elected U.S. President; first x-rays used in surgery by John Gilman
  • (1898) Roller bearing invented by Henry Timken


  • (1901) President McKinley assassinated
  • (1903) Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, began building airplanes in Dayton
  • (1908) William Howard Taft of Cincinnati elected U.S. President; Collinwood school fire near Cleveland killed 173 students, two teachers, one firefighter
  • (1911) Automobile self-starter invented by Charles Kettering of Loudonville
  • (1913) Flood of 1913 killed 428 people, caused state-wide destruction
  • (1914 - 1918) World War I
  • (1917) Camp Sherman constructed near Chillicothe to train WWI army troops
  • (1918) 1,200 troops die of influenza epidemic at Camp Sherman
  • (1920) William G. Harding elected U.S. President
  • (1921) Bing Act passed, required students to remain in school until graduation or age 18
  • (1925) Shenandoan dirigible crashed, killed 14
  • (1929) Steel became Ohio's number one industry
  • (1930) Ohio Penitentiary fire killed 322 prisoners
  • (1937) Ohio River flooded, 750,000 people left homeless; East Ohio Gas Co. explosion killed 131
  • (1938) Teflon invented by Ohioan Roy J. Plunkett
  • (1955) Ohio Turnpike completed
  • (1958) St. Lawrence Seaway completed
  • (1962) John Glenn of New Concord first American to orbit Earth
  • (1969) Neil Armstrong of Wapakoneta became first man to walk on moon
  • (1970) Four Kent State University students killed by National Guardsmen during Vietnam War protests
  • (1973) Voters approved lottery
  • (1974) Tornado in Xenia killed 33
  • (1979) Public schools began busing students to eliminate segregation
  • (1986) Astronaut Judith Resnick of Akron, died in Challenger space shuttle explosion
  • (1993) Lucasville prison riots resulted in nine prisoners and one guard killed
  • (1995) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened in Cleveland; Bosnian Peace Agreement signed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • (1998) John Glenn (from Ohio) became oldest American to travel into space (age 77)
  • (2001) New York terrorist attacks led to flurry of anti-terrorist activities throughout Ohio; steam engine explosion at fair killed four, injured 49
  • (2002) Former representative, James Traficant, sentenced to eight-year prison term for corruption
  • (2003) Electric faults in Cleveland caused power outages to 50 million
  • (2006) Voters passed smoking ban in public places
  • (2009) Six bodies found in home of convicted sex offender in Cleveland; Nazi war crimes suspect John Demjanjuk, deported to Germany from Cleveland home; environmental activist, Marie Mason, sentenced to 22 years in prison for arson, property damage
  • (2010) Three Ohio pension funds filed class action lawsuit against American International Group for fraud, resulted in $725 million fine
  • (2011) Exotic animals escaped from private zoo in Zanesville, owner committed suicide, police killed dozens of the animals
  • (2011) Anthony Sowell found guilty of murder of 11 women, sentenced to death
  • (2012) Gunman killed three, wounded others at high school in Chardon
  • (2012) Tornadoes killed at least three, governor declared state of emergency

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