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Saskatchewan History Timeline

1500s - 1600s
  • (1524) Italian navigator, Giovanni de Verrazzanoan, named all lands to west "Nova France"
  • (1598) Mesgouez de La Roche named Lieutenant General of Canada, Terre-Neuve, Labrador, Norembegue, had control of all fur trade
  • (1600) Assiniboine left Yanktonai Dakota, settled in Saskatchewan River foothills
  • (1603 - 1635) Samuel de Champlain explored New France, made 12 visits to find overland passage
  • (1627) Fur-trading company, Compagnie de la Nouvelle-France, formed; Company of One Hundred Associates formed, had rights to sources west of St. Lawrence River
  • (1645) Company of One Hundred Associates transferred fur trading rights to inhabitants of New France (Compagnie des Habitants)
  • (1664) Compagnie des Habitants dissolved, all fur trade done by King of France
  • (1670) Rupert's Land Act gave Hudson Bay Company trading monopoly over watershed of all rivers, streams flowing into Hudson Bay (included most of Saskatchewan)
  • (1690) Henry Kelsey (first European to enter Saskatchewan) travelled up Saskatchewan River
  • (1700) Cree Indians began to arrive in Rupert's Land, located in Badlands area
  • (1713) Treaty of Utrecht signed - Hudson Bay granted to British, new boundary lines established for most of North America
  • (1741 - 1743) Francois La Verendrye traveled North Saskatchewan River, erected small fort at Pas
  • (1763) Royal Proclamation of October 7 proclaimed Indian Nations on lands west of established colonies could not be disturbed by settlement
  • (1774) First trading post established at Cumberland House
  • (1783) Treaty of Versailles established new boundary between U.S. and Canada
  • (1784) Umfreville House established on North Sasketchewan River by Edward Umfreville, Northwest Company traders
  • (1789) Alexander McKenzie explored north of Lake Athabasca
  • (1792) Peter Fidler mapped North Saskatchewan River route
  • (1805) Louisiana Purchase transferred Saskatchewan from France to U.S.
  • (1812) Cree Sylabbic system invented by Rev. James Evans
  • (1818) Saskatchewan ceded to United Kingdom
  • (1821) North West Company, Hudson Bay Company merged; Saskatchewan home to over 50 trading posts
  • (1840 - 1846) Settlers came to Saskatchewan from Oregon
  • (1859) Gold discovered in North Saskatchewan River
  • (1870) Canada acquired Hudson Bay Company
  • (1882) North West Territories divided into provisional territories
  • (1885) Northwest Rebellion (Saskatchewan Rebellion) by Metis led by Louis Riel; Cree Indians massacred most of white settlers at Frog Lake; 4,000 militiamen sent to Saskatchewan; militia defeated Metis; Louis Riel hung
  • (1891) Fire in Moose Jaw destroyed 17 businesses
  • (1892) Typhoid epidemic hit Regina
  • (1905) Sasketchewan became province; Walter Scott first premier
  • (1906) Regina declared capital of Saskatchewan; Treaty 10 signed with First Nations; extreme cold and blizzards killed 70% of range cattle
  • (1908) Saskatchewan Government Telephones formed
  • (1911) Bob St. Henry made first airplane flight in Saskatchewan
  • (1912) Regina Tornado killed 28 people, destroyed 500 buildings, 2500 left homeless
  • (1914) World War I began, over 42,000 men and women from Saskatchewan served
  • (1916) Saskatchewan voted in Prohibition; Women won right to vote in municipal and provincial elections
  • (1918) Spanish Flu killed over 4,000
  • (1919) Government decided to allow English only in public school system
  • (1921) 56% of school children infected with tuberculosis
  • (1922) World's first complete radio broadcast of professional hockey game
  • (1924) Prohibition ended
  • (1926) Ku Klux Klan arrived in Saskatchewan
  • (1927) Coal strip-mining began
  • (1931) Coal miners struck in southeast Saskatchewan protesting low wages, poor living conditions; drought hits
  • (1932) Provincial income tax introduced
  • (1935) Young men rioted in Regina due to poor economic conditions
  • (1938) Western equine encephalitis struck over 50,000 horses, killed 15,000
  • (1944) First socialist government in North America established with Premier Thomas C. Douglas as leader
  • (1946) First program of universal medicine introduced
  • (1947) Saskatchewan passed Canada's first human rights legislation
  • (1950) Interprovincial Pipeline reached Regina
  • (1952) Outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease caused over 1,000 cattle to be destroyed; American border closed; uranium production began; polio struck hundreds of children, adults; first major oil field discovered
  • (1954) Trans-Canada plane collided with RCAF trainer over Moose Jaw, 37 killed, three houses destroyed
  • (1957) Trans-Canada Highway completed
  • (1960) Treaty Indians given right to vote in federal and provincial elections; steel mill opened in Regina - Canada's first
  • (1962) Saskatchewan implemented Medical Care Insurance Act; doctors stopped services for 23 days in protest
  • (1967) Schizophrenic, Victor Hoffman, killed nine people near Shell Lake
  • (1969) Saskatchewan adopted provincial flag
  • (1970) Commercial production of lentils began
  • (1971) Canada Winter Games held in Saskatoon
  • (1975) Prescription drug plan introduced
  • (1976) First automated teller machine in Canada at Sherwood Credit Union in Regina; Saskatchewan passed legislation taking over the potash industry
  • (1979) Saskatchewan welcomed 3,000 "boat people" from Vietnam and Laos
  • (1982) Chiefs of Saskatchewan formed Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations; Regina hosted World Assembly of First Nations (world's largest gathering of indigenous people)
  • (1983) Henry Taube became first Saskatchewan-born Nobel Prize winner; JoAnn Thatcher, wife of MLA Colin Thatcher, murdered in Regina home
  • (1984) Colin Thatcher convicted of murder of wife
  • (1986) Saskatchewan built glass grain elevator for Expo 86 in Vancouver
  • (1989) Cellular phone service introduced
  • (1991) Remains of prehistoric crocodile "Big Bert" discovered at Carrot River
  • (1994) Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur remains found at Eastend
  • (1999) David Milgaard awarded $10 million for wrongful conviction of murder
  • (2004) Same-sex marriage legalized; largest lawsuit in Saskatchewan history awarded $12 million to a quadriplegic Moose Jaw woman; frost killed 50% of feed-grade wheat
  • (2005) Saskatchewan celebrated 100 years as province
  • (2007) Saskatchewan Roughriders won 95th Grey Cup
  • (2009) Canadian National Challenge Cup held in Saskatoon
  • (2009) Saskatchewan only province to record a decline in unemployment
  • (2010) Flooding forced closure of Trans-Canada Highway at border of Alberta and Saskatchewan, stranded travelers
  • (2010) Saskatchewan had fastest rate of population growth in Canada
  • (2011) Saskatchewan Court of Appeals ruled that marriage commisioners, as public servants, cannot refuse to marry same-sex couples
  • (2011) Brad Wall re-elected Premier