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Pakistan Geography

Pakistan's Information

Flag of Pakistan
Land Area 770,875 km2
Water Area 25,220 km2
Total Area 796,095km2 (#35)
Population 201,995,540 (#6)
Population Density 262.03/km2
Government Type Federal Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $988.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $5,100
Currency Rupee (PKR)
More Information Pakistan
Largest Cities

The heartland of Pakistan, the Punjab Plain, is dissected by the Indus River and fronts its border with India; southwest, the arid and dry Balochistan Plateau extends to its border with Iran.
The country's most dramatic landscape is north, as the western edges of the Himalayas, including the (Hindu Kush,) is home to some of the tallest peaks in the world.
The highest point in the country of Pakistan, K2, or (Mount Godwin-Austen), is the second tallest mountain on the planet, and peaks at 28,250 ft. (8.611 m).
The mountainous areas of the west-central, along the border with Afghanistan, include the Ras Koh, Safed Koh and Toba Kakar ranges
The Indus River and its numerous tributaries (one of the world's most significant waterways) drain the entire country.

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