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Cote d'Ivoire

Before the African nation.

The African countries.

Over the centuries it suffered through very little political turmoil, but recently, a few poorly-timed military coups and subsequent internal conflicts increased its national debt, and dramatically curtailed its once profitable tourism industry.

An armed uprising in September 2002 sparked the First Ivorian Civil War, and the country became divided between rebel leader Guillaume Soro and president Laurent Gbagbo.

Although much of the fighting ended in 2004, civil unrest for the Ivory Coast lasted until a peace agreement was reached in 2007.

Organized elections that were originally planned for 2005 were postponed until 2010, five years after Gbagbo's term was to have ended, and this ultimately led to a second civil war.

African continent, as it, like many other countries, suffers from internal unrest, financial instability, low literacy levels and serious health care problems.

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