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Central African Republic Geography

The Central African Republic is, in essence, an undulating plateau.

Central and south are a series of forested, rolling hills, with some topping 2000 ft. A dense tropical rainforest in the southeast fronts the Ubangi River, and in the north, the land flattens into a treeless, desert-like savanna grassland.

On the western border with Cameroon, the land rises into the high granite plateau of the Karre Mountains. The Bongos Massif in the far northeast extend into Sudan.

Numerous tributaries of the Chair (Shari) and Longone rivers crisscross the land, central and north, while the Ubangi River system dominates the south, as it forms much of the country's southern border with the DRC.

The highest point of the Central African Republic is Mt. Kayagangiri at 4,660 ft (1,420 m); the lowest point of the country is the Oubangui River, 1,099 ft (335 m).

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