About CoronaVirus

What is the Coronavirus?

Why did Mr. Wang's case become interesting to the public?

Mr.Wang is one of the 100 patients from China who have been released as winners of the new virus and tested positive once again.

Can You Get Reinfected With Covid-19?

The economy of which countries is expected to suffer more losses?

The economy of countries that are connected to China is expected to suffer more losses, most notably Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

The Global Economic Consequences Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

What is social distancing?

Social distancing is the practice of reducing physical contact, avoiding crowded spaces, public gatherings, and maintaining distance while waiting in line. Social distancing helps because it reduces the chances of further spreading of the Covid-19.

What Is Social Distancing And How It Helps Against Covid-19?

What is the psychology behind panic buying?

Panic buying helps people feel like they are in control of the situation, and they want to do something dramatic as a response to all of the dramatic events happening.

COVID-19 Hoarding Craze: The Psychology Of Panic Buying

How exactly is the coronavirus attacking our bodies?

First of all, it can enter our body through breathing or if we touch a contaminated surface and then touch our face immediately afterward without washing our hands. After entering our bodies, the virus starts infecting our cells, starting with those in our throat and lungs. From there, the virus keeps on spreading.

What Are The Possible Health Consequences Of The COVID-19 Disease?