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Armenia is a very mountainous country, almost totally covered by the Lesser (or Little) Caucasus Mountains.

The highest point is Mt. Aragats at 13,418 ft. (4,090m).

Rivers flow fast down through the mountains, and although much of Armenia's land remains at or above 6,562 ft (2,000 m) at least 3% form the valleys of the Araks and Debet rivers.

Lake Sevan is the largest lake and it sits 6,000 ft, (2,000 m) above sea level. Significant rivers include the Aras, Debet and Razdan.

Geography Armenia
Location: Southwestern Asia, east of Turkey

Geographic coordinates:

40 00 N, 45 00 E

Map references:



total: 29,800 sq km
land: 28,400 sq km
water: 1,400 sq km

Area - comparative:

slightly smaller than Maryland

Land boundaries:

total: 1,254 km
border countries: Azerbaijan-proper 566 km, Azerbaijan-Naxcivan exclave 221 km, Georgia 164 km, Iran 35 km, Turkey 268 km


0 km (landlocked)

Maritime claims:

none (landlocked)


highland continental, hot summers, cold winters


Armenian Highland with mountains; little forest land; fast flowing rivers; good soil in Aras River valley

Elevation extremes:

lowest point: Debed River 400 m
highest point: Aragats Lerrnagagat' 4,090 m

Natural resources:

small deposits of gold, copper, molybdenum, zinc, alumina

Land use:

arable land: 17.55%
permanent crops: 2.3%
other: 80.15% (2001)

Irrigated land:

2,870 sq km (1998 est.)

Natural hazards:

occasionally severe earthquakes; droughts

Environment - current issues:

soil pollution from toxic chemicals such as DDT; the energy crisis of the 1990s led to deforestation when citizens scavenged for firewood; pollution of Hrazdan (Razdan) and Aras Rivers; the draining of Sevana Lich (Lake Sevan), a result of its use as a source for hydropower, threatens drinking water supplies; restart of Metsamor nuclear power plant in spite of its location in a seismically active zone

Environment - international agreements:

party to: Air Pollution, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol, Desertification, Hazardous Wastes, Law of the Sea, Ozone Layer Protection, Wetlands
signed, but not ratified: Air Pollution-Persistent Organic Pollutants

Geography - note:

landlocked in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains; Sevana Lich (Lake Sevan) is the largest lake in this mountain range

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mount aragats

Mountainous landscape with Mt. Aragats in distance, Armenia

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