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6 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Vermont for 2024

Vermont is a very vibrant state to visit this summertime. Best of all, there are a number of beautiful small towns in Vermont that are sure to keep you entertained and enamored. In idyllic farming towns like Grafton, get to see how Vermont produces its signature maple syrup. In mountainous towns like Stowe and Woodstock, learn to appreciate the looming, thriving mountains that have sheltered many a homestead since America’s founding. And in a state named after the French phrase “les monts vert” meaning “green mountains” as an allusion to the Green Mountains, give yourself a chance to visit this year’s six most beautiful small towns in Vermont.


Spectacular Stowe, Vermont, in the fall.
Spectacular Stowe, Vermont, in the fall.

No need to feel like a stowaway when you are traveling with family and friends to the lovely town of Stowe. Sitting at the top of one of Vermont’s highest peaks, Stowe is one of the best premier resort towns in all of New England with its picture-alluring views of Mount Mansfield and the Green Mountains. This same mountain promises exhilarating skiing and hiking opportunities for the hungriest of adventurers, while the Auto Toll Road will take you to the very summit of Mount Mansfield. One can admire historic ski gear at the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum. The Smugglers’ Notch State Park is a thick thicket of woodlands in the Green Mountains, replete with several camping areas and routes sure to create scenic memories.

From July to August, let the annual Music in the Meadow serenade you with soft jazz and other melodic music from Vermont’s mountains. On October, on the other hand, participate in the hectic Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin’ Festival or the Von Trapp Brewing Oktoberfest. Whether in spring, summer, autumn, or winter, Stowe is an enticing destination for your trip to Vermont, made worthwhile by fine establishments like the Riverside Inn, the Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa, or Trapp Family Lodge.


Early autumn foliage scene of houses in the mountains of Woodstock, Vermont.
Early autumn foliage scene of houses in the mountains of Woodstock, Vermont.

Although this particular town has no affiliations with the historical events of the Woodstock Festival that occurred in New York, there is still much fun and excitement to be found in this quaint little town called Woodstock. Around the town square that many affectionately call the Green are several historic structures such as pink sandstone Norman Williams Public Library from the 1880s. Within the rural countryside of Woodstock lies the Billings Farm & Museum, a dairy farm that has churned many a milky produce since the 19th century and gives visitors a glimpse of the simple farm life.

Travelers can venture into the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park for both the panoramic walks and an 1800s Queen Anne-themed mansion in its grounds. One might also consider climbing Mount Tom or Mount Peg for a grand lay of the land, or go swimming down at the Kedron Valley Pond and Silver Lake. And on June, do attend several Artistree music events such as the Juan Nieves & Legado Orquestra with its Latin-American-themed music. Should you desire a longer stay in Woodstock, then seek your nightly comforts and rest at the Woodstock Inn & Resort, The Woodstocker B&B, or The Shire Woodstock.


Summer Farmers Market in Montpelier, Vermont
Summer Farmers Market in Montpelier, Vermont. Editorial credit: Phill Truckle /

Despite being the capital city of Vermont, Montpelier engenders the ambiance of a small town with its 8,000 population and a lackadaisical atmosphere. About 22 miles from Stowe, the town was named after the city of Montpelier in France. One can admire the gold-domed architectural beauty of the Vermont State House that has stood tall and proud since 1859, complete with a marble statue in its portico representing Ethan Allen, leader of the Green Mountain Boys during the American Revolution. From spring to winter, travelers can brave the slopes of the Green Mountains or traipse through Hubbard Park. Learn more of Montpelier’s—and the whole of Vermont’s—past at the Vermont History Center Museum, or stroll along the meandering Winooski River. Most importantly, watch theatrical and musical performances at the Lost Nation Theater. More resplendent delights await in Montpelier, so seek a place to spend your evenings at The Inn at Montpelier or High Hill Inn.


Grafton, Vermont, USA: Main Street in Grafton
Grafton, Vermont, USA: Main Street in Grafton. Editorial credit: Bob LoCicero /

Approximately 39 miles from Woodstock, the humble village of Grafton welcomes newcomers near and far with all sorts of arboreal attractions. Tour the rustic and laidback grounds of the Riverledge Farm, where one can enjoy the simple living in a simple town. There is also Plummer’s Sugar House, where you can purchase delicious maple syrup, maple candy, and other things made of maple from Vermont’s exquisite farmers. See the exhibits of Vermont’s flora and fauna at the Nature Museum, which also plays host to the annual Fairy House Festival that transpires on the last weekend of September. Admire a collection of bronze sculptures entitled “The Woodland Tribes of the Northeast” at the Jud Hartman Gallery. Roam the diverse woodlands of the Beaver Deceivers International, Grafton Community Garden, the John Dorand State Forest, and the Grafton Town Forest. Last but not least, book a room at the Grafton Inn, the Grafton Lodge, or The Inn At Woodchuck Hill Farm.


View of the historic and colorful Manchester Village in Manchester, Vermont with tulips in bloom
View of the historic and colorful Manchester Village in Manchester, Vermont with tulips in bloom

Within the Battenkill River Valley, and with the Green Mountains surrounding the area, the town of Manchester is brimming with all sorts of activities and adventures. Trailblazers can take the great Appalachian Trail that winds and weaves through the Green Mountains, the Taconic Range, and finally to the Appalachian Mountain Ranges. History buffs will be rivetted by the Hildene mansion, the former home of President Abraham Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln. Perhaps the many marble quarries in the region, such as the Dorset Quarry whose stones have built many of the houses in Manchester and beyond, will make you marvel at human ingenuity. The Southern Vermont Art Center is the location of Manchester’s famous summer film and art festivals for those wanting to celebrate the lively cultures of Vermont. You will not feel unwanted and unwelcome in Manchester, especially while staying in opulent lodgings like the Equinox Resort, the Kimpton Taconic Hotel, or The Inn at Manchester.


Bennington, Vermont: Downtown district
Bennington, Vermont: Downtown district. Editorial credit: James Kirkikis /

Around 31 minutes from Manchester in the north, the town of Bennington is a convenient waystation for towns in the states of New York and Massachusetts. Bennington is recorded to be one of Vermont’s first towns when it was founded and named after by colonial Governor of New Hampshire, Benning Wentworth, in 1749. It was also the birthplace of the Green Mountain Boys and home of Ethan Allen, and later on the Battle of Bennington was fought in 1777. One can stand atop the 306-foot-tall stone obelisk called Bennington Battle Monument to see nearby segments of New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont combined.

Similar to other towns in the Green Mountains, travelers can appreciate Vermont’s vivacious wilderness while hiking along the Appalachian and Long Trails. You can even join swarms of hikers during the Bennington Trailfest every year in July. Consider delving into the mysterious Everett Cave or watching local performances at the Monument Arts & Cultural Center. Whatever you decide on, you ought to first find a good place to settle down at the Autumn Inn or Four Chimneys Inn & Restaurant.

Parting Notes

As a state that has little to no skyscrapers, Vermont’s cities and towns can all feel like small towns with their low populations and quaint ambiance. But many can agree—and so might you—that these locations are some of the most beautiful small towns to visit in Vermont this 2024. Where a ferocious battle and iconic heroes were born in towns like Bennington, where culture and history continue to thrive in destinations like Montpelier, there is no shortage of opportunities to cherish your visit in the Green Mountain State. So gear up for a grand climb through the mountainous landscapes, and explore 2024’s most beautiful small towns in Vermont.

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