Foliage reflections of scenic Davies Bridge in Petit Jean State Park near Russellville, Arkansas.

14 Most Scenic Arkansas Towns

Striking landscapes, mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes define Arkansas. The state actively preserves and showcases its rich natural resources. Towns like Harrison and Russellville exemplify this commitment through landmarks like the Boone County Courthouse and the Russellville Train Depot. Contributing to the state's magnificence are parks such as White Oak Lake State Park near Camden and the Buffalo National River in Jasper. Experience the beauty firsthand along the Ouachita River and the Ozark Mountains. Thriving amidst landscapes like Sylamore Creek, these towns become scenic havens for outdoor enthusiasts, inviting visitors from around the world to explore the beauty of the Natural State.


Camden, Arkansas, the Historic Quachita County Courthouse
Camden, Arkansas, the Historic Ouachita County Courthouse. Image credit Roberto Galan via Shutterstock

Camden, Arkansas, a town blessed with the natural wonder of the Ouachita River, offers the opportunity to take a leisurely voyage along the Ouachita Riverwalk, where pathways reveal picturesque river views. Travel to White Oak Lake State Park near Camden, which offers serene lakes, winding trails, and inviting picnic areas for outdoor activities and birdwatching. The vibrant Camden Murals narrate the town's history through expressive artworks and are waiting to be admired. Tour the McCollum-Chidester House, constructed in 1847. The Museum preserves original furnishings, showcasing bullet holes and cannon-fire damage that remains visible in the home. Walk or bike along The Trace Trail, a 2.1-mile segment of a former railroad transformed into a multi-use pathway through the forest.


National Historic District in Harrison, Arkansas during autumn
National Historic District in Harrison, Arkansas, in the fall.

Journey through the wonders and scenic pleasures that Harrison, Arkansas, has to offer. Venture to the Buffalo National River, where you can take float trips, riverside hikes, and soak in the views of the river. Admire the Ozark National Forest, which envelops Harrison with its woodlands and lookouts. Uncover the secrets beneath the surface at Mystic Caverns, just outside the city, where guided tours navigate through cave formations, revealing the hidden beauty of the Ozark landscape. Hit the open roads for scenic drives through the Ozark Mountains, treating yourself to breathtaking views of rolling hills or taking in the beauty of Harrison's downtown, exploring the Harrison Historic District, where streets are lined with buildings like the Boone County courthouse.

Mountain View

A folk music performance at Mountain View, Arkansas.
A folk music performance at Mountain View, Arkansas. Image credit Travel Bug via

Found within the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains, Mountain View, Arkansas, is home to one of the most stunning cave systems in the United States. Take an underground adventure at Blanchard Springs Caverns through its intricate cave formations. Experience the vibrant culture of the Ozarks at the Ozark Folk Center State Park, where live folk music performances, traditional crafts, and the park's beautiful surroundings come to life. The L Blanchard Springs Recreation Area offers outdoor recreation opportunities, from picnicking to fishing and scenic walks along the North Sylamore Creek. Fish for trout or take a scenic float trip on the White River, where crystal-clear waters and picturesque surroundings provide an idyllic setting for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


View of the Olive Street in Texarkana Texas with St James' Anglican Church from Texarkana, Arkansas
Olive Street in Texarkana, with St James' Anglican Church from Texarkana, Arkansas.

Texarkana, Arkansas's Perot Theatre, is a scenic marvel dating back to 1924. Whether attending a performance or admiring its Spanish Colonial Revival style, the theatre is a testament to the town's beauty. A short drive away, the Ouachita National Forest, with green spaces, walking trails, and a serene lake, offers a perfect retreat for walks or family outings in nature. Step back in time at the Texarkana Historical District and gaze at Victorian and Craftsman-style homes. Visit the State Line Post Office for its unique architectural design. For those craving adventure, Millwood Lake, just outside Texarkana, offers a scenic reservoir for fishing, boating, and birdwatching, providing a tranquil escape into nature.


Foliage Reflections on Haw Creek in Russellville, Arkansas
Foliage reflections on Haw Creek in Russellville, Arkansas.

Positioned along the Arkansas River, Russellville, Arkansas, invites visitors to discover the town's beautiful ambiance. Visitors can view the landscapes of the Ozark National Forest through hiking and biking trails or enjoy outdoor adventures like kayaking and fishing along the Arkansas River and Lake Dardanelle. In the heart of the town, sightsee the well-preserved 19th-century buildings like the Central Christian Church and the Russellville Train Depot. Cultural enrichment can be sought at the Arkansas River Valley Arts Center. The town's parks, including Bona Dea Trail, actively offer escapes for walks and picnics. Each season actively unveils a different wonder, from budding springs to lively autumns.


Street view of Searcy, Arkansas.
Street view of Searcy, Arkansas. Image credit Sabrina Janelle Gordon via

Searcy, Arkansas, exudes a blend of scenic wonder and Southern charm. Its rich heritage is vividly portrayed in the town’s center, where architectural wonders like the Rialto Theater and Courthouse Square stand as testaments. Visit shops like Soiree Gifts and appreciate the commitment to the arts at venues like the Searcy Art Gallery. Enjoy a day picnicking in Berryhill Park and experiencing Riverside Park's riverfront tranquility, or take a bike down the Searcy Bike Trail. Venture beyond town limits for scenic drives revealing rolling hills and hidden treasures like Harding University's Ganus Athletic Center. Dine at culinary delights such as the Rock House or Venezia’s Italian Grill to savor local flavors.

Van Buren

The old business district on Main Street in Van Buren.
Main Street in Van Buren, Arkansas. Image credit Roberto Galan via

Van Buren, Arkansas, also graces the banks of the Arkansas River, surrounded by rolling hills and embraced by the lush greenery of the Ozark National Forest. The town's center and well-preserved 19th-century buildings like the Wilhauf House and the Bryan House bring you back in time. Visit the quaint shops of the Old Town Historic District, including Main Street Mercantile. Partake in a variety of outdoor activities like fishing and kayaking at Lee Creek Reservoir, where the serene setting provides a peaceful escape surrounded by nature.


Fall colors in Batesville, Arkansas with a bridge over a river.
Fall colors in Batesville, Arkansas.

Resting along the White River approximately 90 miles from Little Rock, Batesville, Arkansas, is the state's oldest city. The Old Independence Regional Museum, housed in a historic building and surrounded by lush gardens, invites visitors to admire the region's history in a scenic and educational setting. Riverside Park, a scenic green space along the White River, offers walking trails, picnic areas, and beautiful river views, creating a serene setting for relaxation. At Batesville Municipal Golf Course, both beginners and experienced golfers can enjoy a challenging yet enjoyable round of golf.

Heber Springs

Waterfall on the Collins Creek Trail in Heber Springs, Arkansas.
Waterfall on the Collins Creek Trail in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Image credit The Bohemian Lens via Shutterstock

Heber Springs, Arkansas, offers an abundance of outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, and hiking in the nearby Ozark Mountains. Outdoor enthusiasts can participate in a variety of experiences, such as exploring the scenic trails of Sugarloaf Mountain or casting a line in Greers Ferry Lake. Take in the breathtaking views of Bridal Veil Falls from a lookout deck accessible throughout the year. Experience the beauty of the Little Red River, renowned for excellent trout fishing, whether actively casting a line or simply enjoying the riverside views.

El Dorado

South Arkansas Regional Airport in El Dorado, Arkansas.
South Arkansas Regional Airport in El Dorado, Arkansas.

In 2021, USA Today Readers' Choice honored El Dorado as the #1 small-town cultural scene, recognizing the town's vibrant cultural events and concerts at the Murphy Arts District. Learn about El Dorado's rise during the 1920s oil boom and witness the town's dedication to preserving green spaces. Engage in outdoor activities such as golfing at the Mystic Creek Golf Club and picnicking at Oil Heritage Park. Marvel at the Newton House Museum, a beautifully preserved home built in 1849 that reflects the construction style of its pre-Civil War era.

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Biker visitors riding motorcycle downtown Eureka Springs, Man playing guitar at a stop sign, freedom tourism on two wheels, vintage small American town.
Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Image credit shuttersv via Shutterstock

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is an extraordinary destination with its downtown area and surroundings like the Eureka Springs Trolley Service and the Great Passion Play. Its Victorian-style architecture, meandering streets, and vibrant arts division have earned it the nickname "Little Switzerland of America." The town has a beautifully preserved Downtown Historic District, where visitors can traverse the Eureka Market, Keel's Creek Winery and Gallery, and Myrtie Mae's Restaurant. The town's main attraction, the Thorncrown Chapel, stands as a marvel of modern architecture surrounded by lush forestEureka Springs actively hosts several year-round festivals and events, including the Eureka Springs Indie Film Fest, the May Festival of the Arts, and the Eureka Springs Bluegrass Festival.


Cliff House Inn, located along Arkansas scenic highway 7 North, near Jasper, Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains.
Cliff House Inn, near Jasper, Arkansas. Image credit Tammy Chesney via

Nature enthusiasts seeking breathtaking scenic panoramas flock to Jasper, Arkansas. The town, surrounded by lush forests such as the Ozark St. Francis National Forest and rugged hills, offers panoramas of the countryside. Visitors can discover the Buffalo National River, which meanders through the region, providing opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, and hiking. The town's charm shines through quaint shops like Wild Hare Gifts. Hike through Boxley Valley, where elk grazing can be witnessed. Embark on the Whitaker Point Trail for one of Arkansas's most scenic lookout points. Conclude your day by savoring cuisine at local eateries like Sharon K's Café and Low Gap Café. Indulge in a day at the Horseshoe Canyon Guest Ranch, where you can partake in a variety of activities, including horseback rides, rock climbing, and zip-lining.

Siloam Springs

Downtown streets of Siloam Springs, Arkansas.
Downtown streets of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Image credit RaksyBH Shutterstock

Siloam Springs, Arkansas, is home to many picturesque views and activities. Within a beautifully renovated historic building, the Sager Creek Arts Center is a popular attraction. Visitors can navigate rapids on a kayak or enjoy a leisurely riverside walk at the Siloam Springs Kayak Park along the Illinois River. For a more majestic encounter with nature, take a short drive to Natural Falls State Park. This park, renowned for its awe-inspiring 77-foot waterfall, unfolds a network of hiking trails through a forested landscape, promising scenic views of the falls.


Greek Amphitheatre in Magnolia, Arkansas.
Greek Amphitheatre in Magnolia, Arkansas. Image credit Fessie, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Spend your day in Magnolia, Arkansas, enjoying the scenic surroundings of Lake Columbia, whether it's swimming, fishing, or simply basking along the shores. Admire the 19th-century craftsman styling of the Dr. H.A. Longino house, constructed in 1910 for the prominent local doctor, Henry Alvin Longino. Revel in the architectural marvel of the Columbia County Courthouse, built in the heart of the town in 1905. Surrounded by an old-growth forest, embark on a trip to Logoly State Park, where the park's visitor center offers interactive exhibits. To add an artistic touch to your visit, take a leisurely stroll through downtown Magnolia, where the vibrant Magnolia Murals showcase artistic expressions that add character to the city's streets.

Whether traversing the hiking trails of the Ozarks, enjoying a refreshing swim in the Buffalo National River, or basking in the serene view from Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas towns are the epitome of scenic magnificence. Admire the simplicity and grandness of the Ozarks as each of the 14 towns unfolds into a postcard-worthy scene for visitors. Arkansas is more than just a destination. It offers an experience where the timeless attraction of its scenic wonder reflects the lasting spirit of the Natural State.

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