Which Countries Eat The Most Chocolate?

Though originating from tropical climes, chocolate has become an iconic symbol of the alpine nation of Switzerland, where some of the finest chocolatiers hail from.
Though originating from tropical climes, chocolate has become an iconic symbol of the alpine nation of Switzerland, where some of the finest chocolatiers hail from.

5. Sweden (14.6 pounds per capita)

Even though health and wellness goals of the Swedish population have stood as a barrier between them and their sugary product consumption, the consumption of high-calorie chocolates have, nonetheless, remained largely unaffected. The intense craving for chocolates and its treatment as a product of indulgence has kept the chocolate confectionery industry alive and thriving in Sweden, where the average Swede consumes 14.6 pounds of chocolate each year. The stable demand for chocolates in Sweden has also discouraged the chocolate manufacturers from manufacturing sugar-free chocolates. However, to encourage consumers to consume chocolates in a healthy fashion, the chocolate industry has produced chocolate confectionery in different pack sizes, allowing the consumers to choose according to their desires and health goals.

4. United Kingdom (16.8 pounds per capita)

The British appear to have a real affection for chocolates, consuming 16.8 pounds of this confectionery product per capita per year. As per a new survey by Mintel, one in six people in the United Kingdom (equaling around 8 million people) consumes chocolate every day, while a meager 5% claim to never eat chocolates. Plain chocolate appears to be the most popular choice for the people of United Kingdom with nearly 73% of the population favoring this type of chocolate. Caramel-filled chocolates and other flavored chocolates are also popular there, while dark chocolates are generally consumed by a niche consumer segment. Health experts fear that such high chocolate consumption rates will take a toll on the health of the people in the country where one in 10 children are regarded as overweight. However, there are also studies showing that if consumed in the right proportions, chocolate might be actually good for the heart of an individual.

3. Ireland (17.4 pounds per capita)

The Irish are really fond of chocolates as evident from the global figures that indicate that the Irish consume 17.4 pounds of chocolate per capita per year. As per one report, the value of the chocolate market in Ireland is a staggering $677 USD. The country also acts as one of the largest markets for chocolate exported from Britain. Irish people regard chocolate as a confectionery product that is to be enjoyed and hence often ignore the health aspects of excessive chocolate consumption. The large volume of research predicting the beneficial effects of chocolate also encourages the public to ignore the obesity-related issues of chocolate consumption and focus on enjoying the product itself.

2. Germany (17.8 pounds per capita)

Germany is the world’s second top consumer of chocolate products with Germans consuming 17.8 pounds of chocolate per capita per year. One-fourth of the Western European market for chocolate, accounting for $11.9 USD worth of chocolates, is occupied by Germany. 45% of Germans are estimated to buy chocolates on impulse, 76% buy chocolates as a treat and 60% buy chocolates for satisfying their cravings for the sweet confectionery.

1. Switzerland (19.4 pounds per capita)

A visit to Switzerland is never complete without tasting the mouth-watering Swiss chocolates and bringing them back home for friends and family. However, it is not only the tourists but also the Swiss people who love the delicious chocolates manufactured by the top Swiss brands in the country. The Swiss people lead the world in chocolate consumption with 19.4 pounds of chocolate being consumed by the Swiss people per capita per year. Switzerland also ensures that people in other parts of the world are not deprived of their home-manufactured chocolate delicacies and exports chocolates across the world with Germany, UK, France, and Italy forming the biggest markets for Swiss chocolate producers.


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