Major Mediterranean Cities

Algiers, the capital city of Algeria.
Algiers, the capital city of Algeria.

The Mediterranean region is surrounded by 22 countries of North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Levant. The Mediterranean Sea is the fifth largest economy in the Mediterranean area with an approximate value of US $6 trillion as reported by WWF. This economy has developed due to tourism and the numerous resources within the Mediterranean Sea. Countries bordering this sea have tremendously developed regarding trade leading to massive growth of cities. Below is a brief description of some of the major cities around the Mediterranean region ranked according to their population.

Major Mediterranean Cities


This city is located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is believed that this city was founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BC. Alexandria was built around an ancient Egyptian town, and it grew to become an essential center of Hellenistic civilization. For more than 1,000 years, Alexandria remained to be the capital city of Egypt. This city is well known for its significant feature, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which is termed as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Under the leadership of Alexander the Great, it is said that the city grew drastically and that there was a time when it became the second most powerful city after Rome in the ancient Mediterranean region. Since Alexandria is connected with the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, it has risen to be an important trading center and the focal point of the international shipping industry. Currently, Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo with an estimated population of 4,546,231 people.


This city is said to have been founded in 1944 by Bologhine ibn Ziri. It is located on the western side of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its closeness with this sea, its climate is well regulated. Algiers is the largest city in Algeria with a total population of 3,415,811 people. Being the capital city of Algeria, the city is a significant trading center. In 2016, it exported goods worth $30 billion around the world. Although this city has been faced with numerous terrorist attacks, it has grown over the years to become one of the major cities in Africa.


Rome is the only city that has an independent country (Vatican City) within it. Due to this reason, Rome serves as the capital city of two states; Italy and the Vatican City. Rome has a population of 2,866,793 making it the fourth most populated city in the European Union. This city is also described as a global city due to its strong economic network. In 2016, Rome was the third most visited city in the European Union and the fourteenth most visited city on the globe.


The city of Izmir is found in Turkey, and it hosts several metropolitan districts. Izmir is ranked as the third most populated city in Turkey with an approximate population of 2,847,691 people. It is located in the western region of Asian Minor commonly referred to as the Anatolia. This city was initially referred to as Smyrna. However, in 1930, the Turkish Postal Service Law renamed it to Izmir. Izmir has been an important city in the Mediterranean region. In 1971, it hosted the Mediterranean games, and later in 2005, it hosted the World University Games.


Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon. Since it is positioned on a peninsula at the center of Lebanon’s coast, it is the largest and the principal seaport of this region. Beirut is said to have been inhabited as early as 5,000 years ago making it one of the oldest cities in the globe. This city hosts several banks and corporations and plays a significant role in controlling the economy of Lebanon.

Unique Mediterranean cities

Most of the Mediterranean cities are described as beautiful due to their outstanding features such as their historical heritage and unique architectures. Other unique cities in this region include Athens, Barcelona, Venice, Valencia, La Valletta, and Genoa. These cities attract many visitors annually generating a lot of income and boosting their economies.

Major Mediterranean Cities


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