Largest Computer And Communications Shares Of Service Imports By Country

The global demand for ICT services has driven the need for computer technicians and similar professionals.
The global demand for ICT services has driven the need for computer technicians and similar professionals.

Computers and communication devices play a critical role in promoting the spread of information, rapid and accessible telecommunication services, and access to technology. Within this increasingly digital world, the demand for these technological devices continues to grow. Almost all sectors of the economy in most countries are run digitally with the help of technological devices. Countries are not only investing in information and computer technology (ICT) equipment, but also ICT and telecom services to improve their efficiency in business, communication, productivity, and management. Further, ICT helps to measure the contribution of the various sectors of the economy to the overall economic growth. Some of the countries with the largest computer and communications shares relative to their total import services are looked at below.


Ireland is the largest relative importer of computer and ICT services in the world. An open workforce, open economy, and competitive corporate tax environment are some of the factors promoting the thriving of ICT and communication services in Ireland. The country is home to some of the established ICT players such as Microsoft, HP, IBM, Apple, and Intel. Newer firms such as Google, PayPal, LinkedIn, Facebook, eBay, and Amazon have also joined the league of the traditional ICT players based in Ireland. Being European data center location for IBM, Google, and Microsoft, Ireland has further attracted more ICT and Telecom personnel. Ireland’s reputation worldwide in creativity and communication has seen gaming companies, including Big Fish and Havok, establish their bases in the country with demand for ICT personnel. 84% of all service import in Ireland is in communication and computer sector.


Netherlands strong information-based economy focuses mainly on the high-tech industry, high labor productivity, and technological innovation. The country is the most wired in Europe with several hot spots across the country. The demand for highly trained and qualified information communication and technology personnel continues to rise in the country. Candidates who can combine both social and communication skills stand a high chance of securing information and computer technology (ICT) jobs. Netherlands is currently turning to other countries to meet the country’s rising demand for ICT services. Currently, 71% of Netherlands’ service import is in the area of computer and communications in the form of ICT skilled labor and innovations such as cloud hosting.


Information and communication technology is an important sector in the Swiss economy. All industries have benefited from the improved ICT industry in the country. Companies are currently implementing new ICT ideas and integrating them into their business procedures for greater profitability. Many of the Swiss organizations are also adopting new software and as such software development in the country is a huge industry. The demand for ICT service continues to grow especially in the area of software, skilled ICT experts, and computer technologists. The demand for ICT services has been met by the continued import of such software and personnel from countries such as Ireland, UK, and Singapore. The imported ICT services in Switzerland account for 67% of all the service import in the country.

ICT services continue to be in high demand in other countries not listed above as well, such as Suriname, Mozambique, Hungary, Japan, Ghana, and Romania. Primary services in demand include personnel to develop and run ICT equipment and software.

Largest Computer And Communications Shares Of Service Imports By Country

RankCountryShare of Commercial Services in the Computer and Communications Sectors

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