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João Pessoa - The Capital Of The Paraíba State Of Brazil

João Pessoa’s economy is driven by a flourishing tourism sector.

The state of Paraíba is located in northeast Brazil and has a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. With an area of 56,584 km2 and an estimated population of 3,815,171, Paraíba is Brazil's 21st most extensive state and the 13th most populous. The state contains Ponta do Seixas, which is the easternmost point of the South American mainland. Paraíba features a rich cultural heritage and is a major industrial zone. Additionally, the state has produced many renowned Brazilian artists, writers, and poets, and attracts numerous visitors. João Pessoa is the state capital of Paraíba.

Capital of Paraíba

The city encompasses a total area of 211.475 km2 and is situated at an average elevation of 40 m. In addition to 20 km of beachfront, João Pessoa contains large green areas, and therefore has been referred to as the "Brazilian Paris.” In fact, it is regarded as one of the greenest cities in the world and features more than 7 km2 of forests. João Pessoa experiences a tropical monsoon climate.

Demographics of João Pessoa

João Pessoa has an estimated population of 800,323 and a population density of 3,800 persons per square kilometer. The city is diverse and includes the following population groups: White (45.72%), Pardo (38.72%), Black (2.77%), Asian (0.25%), and Amerindian (0.25%). Like many parts of Brazil, Roman Catholicism (74.06%) is the predominant religion. Additionally, 15.92% of the city's population are Protestant Christians and 7.41% do not practice any religion.

Economy of João Pessoa

João Pessoa’s economy is driven by a flourishing tourism sector. The city is also known for producing and selling crafts, and has been nicknamed the "Brazilian city of handicrafts." Additionally, João Pessoa is included on Brazil's tourist route due to its richness of popular art. The city attracts tourists due to its sunny beaches and relatively safe environment. Several industries including textiles, food, and furniture are also part of the city's economy.

History of João Pessoa

João Pessoa is Brazil’s third oldest city, founded in 1585 by Portuguese colonists following a battle against indigenous tribes and French colonists. Since its establishment, João Pessoa has been controlled by various European powers, including the French and Dutch, for different periods of time. The city's name has changed several times and was named João Pessoa in 1930. Today, old parts of the city highlight its colonial past and feature baroque style buildings, such as Santo Antônio Convent and the São Francisco Church.

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