The Extreme Points Of South America

Mount Aconcagua, the tallest point in South America.
Mount Aconcagua, the tallest point in South America.

Here is a mention of the southern, northern, eastern, and westernmost points of the continent of South America. The list also includes the highest and lowest points of the continent.

Highest Point In South America

Mount Aconcagua, 22,838 ft above sea level

The most elevated point in the Southern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere, and the tallest mountain outside Asia is Mount Aconcagua. The mountain has an elevation of 22,838 ft. It is located in Argentina’s Mendosa Province and is a part of the Andes mountain range. The mountain also has several glaciers including Ventisquero Horcones, the largest one.

Lowest Point In South America

Laguna del Carbón, 344 ft below sea level

The salt lake Laguna del Carbón is regarded as the lowest point in the entire continent of South America. The lake is part of Argentina’s Corpen Aike Department. It is also on records for being the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere and the 7th lowest point on Earth. The lake is located at an elevation of 344 ft below sea level.

Northernmost Point In South America (islands + mainland)

Santa Catalina Island, Colombia, 13° 23′ 18″ N, 81° 22′ 25″ W

The northernmost point of South America lies in the Santa Catalina Island that is part of Colombia’s department of San Andrés y Providencia. The island is connected to the Providencia Island via the 330 ft long footbridge.

Northernmost Point In South American Mainland

Punta Gallinas, 12°27′31″N 71°40′8″W

Punta Gallinas is mainland South America’s northernmost point. It is a headland on the Caribbean Sea coast of Colombia’s La Guajira Department. The headland also houses South America’s northernmost lighthouse that is 659 ft tall.

Southernmost Point In South America (islands + mainland)

‘Águila Islet, 56°32′16″S 68°43′10″W

The islet is South America’s southernmost point and is a member of the Diego Ramírez Islands group. The islet is located about 800 km away from the nearest Antarctic locations like Greenwich Island and the South Shetland Islands. The islet is also only about 950 km away from mainland Antarctica.

Cook Island, 59°27′S 027°10′W

If the British overseas territory of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is regarded to lie within the territorial boundaries of South America then Cook Island can be regarded as the southernmost point in South America. The island is located at a very remote location in the south Atlantic Ocean. The island is uninhabited, heavily glaciated and has the highest elevation of 3,658 ft.

Westernmost Point Of South America (islands + mainland)

Darwin Island, 1.678°N 92.003°W

The Darwin Island, the smallest island in the Galápagos Archipelago, can be regarded as the westernmost point of South America. The island occupies an area of only 1 square km and the Pacific Ocean’s waters surrounding the island is thriving with wildlife.

Motu Nui, 27°12′4″S 109°27′18″W

If the Easter Island is considered to be within the boundaries of the South American continent, then Motu Nui, Chile’s most westerly place, can be regarded as the westernmost point on the continent. The island serves as the habitat for several species of seabirds. It is a volcanic island with the summit of the volcano located at an elevation of 2,000 meters above sea level.

Westernmost Point Of The South American Mainland

Punta Pariñas, 4°40′58″S 81°19′43″W

Punta Pariñas is the westernmost point in mainland Peru. The point is located in Peru’s Piura Region. The site hosts an active lighthouse and a popular beach in close proximity. The headland can also be ascended to enjoy an amazing view of seals below.

Easternmost Point Of South America

Ilha do Sul, 20°29′50″S 28°50′51″W

Ilha do Sul is regarded as the easternmost point in South America. It is located in the Brazilian archipelago of Trindade and Martin Vaz that is a part of the State of Espírito Santo in Brazil.

Montagu Island, 58°30′43″S 26°16′7″W

If the South Sandwich Islands are considered to be a part of the continent of South America then the Montagu Island can be regarded as the continent’s easternmost point. The island is located off Antarctica’s coast on the Weddell Sea. The islands are a member of a British Overseas Territory. James Cook first discovered the island in 1775 and the first person to land on the island was Carl Anton Larsen, an explorer, and whaler from Norway. He landed on the island in 1908.

Easternmost Point Of South American Mainland, 7°9′19″S 34°47′35″W

Ponta do Seixas, 7°9′19″S 34°47′35″W

It is the easternmost point of mainland South America and the entire mainland Americas. The cape is located in eastern Brazil’s Paraíba state on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape of the area features white sandy beaches and flat-topped sedimentary deposits of elevations between 150 and 500 ft.


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