Interesting Facts About Liechtenstein

The sights of Liechtenstein.
The sights of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is a microstate located in Central Europe where it is bordered by Austria and Switzerland. With an area of about 160 square km, the country is the fourth smallest European nation. Below is a list of some interesting facts related to the country:

10. Party With The Royals Of Liechtenstein On Liechtenstein National Day

Every year on August 15, the royals of Liechtenstein celebrate the National Day of the country by throwing open the doors of their castle to the public. An official reception at the Vaduz Castle marks the beginning of the celebration which end with feasts and fireworks.

9. The National Anthem Of Liechtenstein Sounds Familiar To The British

The country’s national anthem, the "Oben am jungen Rhein” shares the same melody as the national anthem of the UK which is "God Save the Queen”. The “Kongesangen” which is the royal anthem of Norway also has this melody.

8. The Swiss Military Had Accidentally Invaded Liechtenstein In The Past

Switzerland and Liechtenstein share close relations with the former safeguarding the interests of the latter. However, there have been some unintentional intrusions by the Swiss military into Liechtenstein’s territory. On October 13, 1992, Swiss army cadets accidentally crossed the border between the two countries to set up an observation post on Liechtenstein territory. They retreated as soon as they realized their mistake. In March 2007, bad weather led 171 Swiss soldiers to unknowingly enter Liechtenstein territory. In an earlier incident in 1985, rockets fired by the Swiss Army landed in Liechtenstein and triggered a forest fire. Compensation for the damage was paid to Liechtenstein by the Swiss government.

7. Liechtenstein Is One Of The Two Doubly Landlocked Nations In The World

A doubly landlocked nation, Liechtenstein, shares this title with only one other country in the world, Uzbekistan in Central Asia. The term ‘doubly landlocked’ means that to access a coastline from Liechtenstein one needs to cross at least two national borders. The country is surrounded by Austria and Switzerland both of which are singly landlocked making the country enclosed by them to be doubly landlocked.

6. There Are No Airports In The Country

The country lacks an airport. The nearest major airport is Switzerland’s Zurich Airport. Liechtenstein does, however, have a heliport in Balzers.

5. Liechtenstein Does Not Maintain A Military

Liechtenstein is one of the world’s few nations that lack a military. The army of the nation was disbanded in 1866 following the end of the Austro-Prussian War. Although the Prince of the country objected to the move of the parliament to disband the army, he ultimately relented. On February 12, 1868, the armed force of Liechtenstein was disbanded.

4. Liechtenstein Is The World’s Leading Producer Of False Teeth

Millions of false teeth are produced in Liechtenstein. About 40% of all false teeth sold in Europe and 20% of the product worldwide are sourced from the country. Even the Bollywood film industry in India is a big market of Liechtenstein’s false teeth.

3. There Is Only One Lake In Liechtenstein

The tiny nation has only a single lake. It is the Gampriner Seele that was created in 1927 when the Rhine River flooded a large area. The lake is located in the Bendern–Gamprin village at an altitude of about 435 m above sea-level. Dense forests surround this lake. Oxygen and fresh water are added to the lake via a pipeline to a near inland canal.

2. Liechtenstein Is Very Safe

The crime rate in the country is so low that people often leave their front doors unlocked. The prisons in the country hardly have any inmates. If any inmates are sentenced to over two years in prison, a rare happening in the country, the inmates are transferred to Austrian prisons.

1. Despite Its Small Size, Liechtenstein Has Numerous Tourist Attractions

Liechtenstein appears like a fairytale land with mountains, valleys, rivers, and castles. The beauty of the land attracts many visitors to the country. It is a peaceful place to enjoy some time with nature and learn about the lives of the local people of the region.


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