Which Countries Border Liechtenstein?

A border sign marking the beginning of Liechtenstein.
A border sign marking the beginning of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is a sovereign nation situated in Central Europe. It emerged from the former Roman Empire in the early 18th century. The country is so tiny it is ranked sixth on the list of smallest countries in the world. Liechtenstein occupies an area of 61.7 square miles. The country’s entire border is 48.4 miles long. Liechtenstein is one of the least populated nations in the world, being home to an estimated population of only 38,100 residents. Its capital city, Vaduz, is home to approximately 5,500 residents. Liechtenstein is one of the world's two doubly-landlocked countries. 

Countries Bordering Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has only two neighboring states. The country has always maintained little border control with its neighbors due to its extremely small size, little population and the low crime rate in the region. People in Liechtenstein visit the neighboring countries freely. Similarly, their neighbors also move in and out of Liechtenstein freely. The European micro-state shares many ties with its neighbors such as cultural, economic, infrastructural, and historical connections. As a result, little or no physical barriers exist between Liechtenstein and its neighbors. Additionally, Liechtenstein is one of the European countries that have signed up on the Schengen Agreement which requires states to have no border controls among member states. However, due to immigration problems within Europe, Liechtenstein introduced nonsystematic checks at its border stations. The checks were aimed at preventing illegal immigrants and criminals from gaining access into the country. The steps were taken to protect Liechtenstein citizens.

Liechtenstein’s Border With Austria

Liechtenstein is not a member of the European Union unlike its neighbor Austria. Liechtenstein shares a land border with Austria on the Eastern side of the country. The eastern border lies next to the Austrian province of Vorarlberg, and it is estimated to be 21 miles long. Since Liechtenstein is not in the European Union as Austria the Liechtenstein-Austria Border has several border entry points which are manned by Swiss border guards.

Liechtenstein’s Border With Switzerland

Liechtenstein shares a Western and Southern border with Switzerland. The Liechtenstein-Switzerland border is 25 miles long. Liechtenstein does not only share a border, but it also has numerous other ties with the Central European nation of Switzerland. Both Liechtenstein and Switzerland are among the few non-European Union nations within the Schengen Agreement. Additionally, Lichtenstein often relies on the Swiss police force to deal with criminal cases due to its low population in the police force and limited resources in handling crime. Liechtenstein and Switzerland’s relationship goes further with a customs union and a monetary union. The customs union between the two states allows Swiss officials to provide custom services in Austria. In the case of a monetary union, Liechtenstein residents use the Swiss franc in their transaction in Liechtenstein. 

Liechtenstein’s Foreign Relations

Liechtenstein maintains strong relations with foreign nations and its most significant foreign relationship is with Switzerland. Liechtenstein has an agreement with Switzerland whereby the latter may represent Liechtenstein in diplomatic matters throughout the world. Liechtenstein also has links with other countries such as the United States, Belgium, Germany, and Austria where it has its resident embassies. Other nations that Liechtenstein maintains close ties with are South Korea and Armenia. The country is also a member of several international organizations including the United Nations (UN), World Trade Organization (WTO), European Economic Area (EEA), and the Interpol.


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