Highest Mountains In Sudan

The Deriba Caldera, the highest point in Sudan.
The Deriba Caldera, the highest point in Sudan.

Sudan is a country in the northeastern region of Africa. Sudan and South Sudan were once a single unified country until the independence of South Sudan in 2012. The capital city of Sudan is Khartoum while Juba is the capital city of South Sudan. Sudan borders seven countries, and they are Central African Republic, Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, and South Sudan. It also borders the Red Sea and covers an area of 1,861,484 square kilometers, which is equivalent to one-fifth the size of the US. The terrain of the country is flat, featureless plains and desert dominates the northern part. The country has a mean elevation of 568 meters, and the lowest point is on the Red Sea with an elevation of 0 meters above sea level. The highest point in the country is on Jabal Marrah with the elevation of 9,980 feet (3,042 meters) above Sea level.

Deriba Caldera

This peak rises to 9,980 feet high and is located on the Jabel Marra Mountain. The mountain experiences a temperate climate and high precipitation. Jabel Marra stretches covering an area of almost 12,800 square kilometers. Waterfalls, volcanic lakes, and the Mediterranean climate allows for the growth of an abundance of vegetation, including sorghum, citrus, apples, millet, and clusters of forest trees. The vegetation on this mountain has led to agricultural development over the years. Armed rebels maintained prolonged control over the territory of Jebel Marra. The plants in Jebel Marra face a threat of human settlement


The mountain rises up to 7,375 feet in elevation, and is located in the Central Darfur state of Sudan. Idwa is situated at a longitude of 24.2361 Degrees East and a latitude of 12.9953 Degrees North. The mountain has crater lakes and a dense forest. The forest acts as a source of timber in the area. Idwa Mountain has fumaroles from which gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen chloride were emitted.


The elevation of Mogulduma Mountain reaches up to 7,110 feet high. The mountain is located in Gulobei, a town in Darfur region. Lakes are evident on the mountain, and the vegetation is mainly green due to the supportive temperate climate. The habitats of the mountain have been largely protected because of their inaccessibility. Mogulduma is at latitude of 12.5523 Degrees North and a longitude of 24.1924 Degrees East. The lakes on this mountain are a habitat for the crustaceans and moss beds.

Jabal Dara

The highest peak of Jabal Dara is 6,824 feet above sea level. The favorable climate of the mountain that supports a variety of life on it is evident due to its coordinates, which are 25.1183 Degrees North and 56.08 Degrees East. Rivers and lakes are present on the mountain which acts as a source of water to people living near the mountain. The water bodies are also used to generate hydroelectric power. The renewable energy promotes economic development in rural areas around Jabal Dara.

Besides the earlier mentioned mountains, Sudan holds several other high peaks as well. These include Jabal Ubbor at 6,814 feet, Dala at 6,594 feet, Jabal Wullor at 6,526 feet, Jabal Tannur at 6,184 feet, Jabal Kuro at 6,138 feet, and Jebel is at 6,076 feet.

Mountain Tourism and Ecology

These mountains also act as tourist attractions for Sudan, and as such help the country receive an influx of foreign income. The mountains are important because they influence regional weather conditions and climate. The mountains are also sources of both major and small rivers in Sudan and play a major role in the water cycle. Mountains are prone to land degradation, deforestation, and climate change.

Highest Mountains In Sudan

Rank Highest Mountains in Sudan Elevation
1 Deriba Caldera9,980 feet
2 Idwa7,375 feet
3 Mogulduma7,110 feet
4 Jabal Dara 6,824 feet
5 Jabal Ubbor6,814 feet
6 Dala6,594 feet
7 Jabal Wullor6,526 feet
8 Jabal Tannur 6,184 feet
9 Jabal Kuro6,138 feet
10 Jebel Is 6,076 feet

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