5 Countries Where Spousal Abuse Is Viewed As Acceptable By Women

In each of these 5 countries, more than one-third of women feel that men are justified in beating their wives under certain circumstances.

Domestic violence against women is a problem throughout the world. In many countries, however, spousal abuse is not only legal, but viewed as acceptable by a sizable segment of female members of the population.

Acceptance of Domestic Violence

Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo almost three fourths of women believe that wife beating is justified in certain circumstances. This central African country which is home to over 81 million citizens is considered to be the most populous Muslim country religion plays a significant role in the lives of its citizens. Due to a wide array of long-held conservative Arab cultural beliefs women in Egypt face a variety of challenges and restrictions in terms of basic freedoms and human rights.

Progress Needed

While it’s evident that progress has been made in terms of women’s rights and gender equality there is still much work to be done. Many countries in the world, particularly in Africa, lag behind the so called developed world in regards to issues such as domestic violence. Factors such as poverty, poor education, conservative religious beliefs, as well as deeply entrenched cultural traditions, all serve as obstacles in the struggle to ensure that women around the world have basic human rights and legal protection from domestic abuse.

5 Countries Where Spousal Abuse Is Viewed As Acceptable By Women

RankCountry % of Women Who Feel Wife Abuse Is Justifiable
1DR Congo 74.8%
2Senegal 57.2%
3Cambodia 49.8%
4Zambia 46.9%
5Egypt 35.7%

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