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Locator Map of Utah

700's - 1700's
  • (700) Anasazi Indians built pueblos in the area
  • (1600) Shoshone Indians now control the area
  • (1776) Silvestre Velez de Escalante and Francesco Atanasio Dominguez explored Utah on way to California
  • (1821) Mexico won its independence from Spain, and claimed all of Utah
  • (1824) Jim Bridger discovered Salt Lake
  • (1841) Capt. John Bartleson led first wagon train of settlers across Utah to California
  • (1843) John C. Fremont and Kit Carson explored the Great Basin
  • (1844) Ogden settled
  • (1847) Brigham Young and Mormon pioneers arrived in Salt Lake Valley
  • (1848) U. S. wins Mexican-American War; Treaty of Guadalupe signed; Utah ceded to the U.S.
  • (1849) State of Deseret founded
  • (1850) Utah becamea U. S. territory
  • (1854) Grasshopper plague damaged crops
  • (1861) Telegraph service began
  • (1863) Silver and lead discovered in Bingham Canyon
  • (1873) Polygamy outlawed by Congress
  • (1890) Mormon church issued far-reaching Manifesto ending polygamy
  • (1896) Utah became 45th state
  • (1906) Copper mining began in Bingham Canyon
  • (1914) Auto racing on Bonneville Salt Flats
  • (1919) Zion National Park dedicated
  • (1942-1945) Japanese-American relocation camp operated near Delta
  • (1952) Duchesne Tunnel completed for irrigation; uranium discovered near Moab
  • (1964) Flaming Gorge Dam completed; began to generate electricity
  • (1985) Salt Lake City won 2002 Winter Olympic bid; Great Salt Lake flooded northern Utah
  • (1996) Utah celebrated 100th birthday of statehood
  • (1999) Tornado hit Salt Lake City downtown, caused over $100 million dollars of damage
  • (2002) Winter Olympic games held
  • (2003) Kidnapped teenager, Elizabeth Smart, found alive in Salt Lake City, abductors arrested
  • (2004) Nasa space capsule, Genesis, carrying captured particles blown off Sun, crashed to Earth in Utah desert after parachutes failed to open
  • (2007) Gunman opened fire in crowded shopping center in Salt Lake City, killed five
  • (2007) Six coal miners trapped in collapse of mine, three rescue workers killed
  • (2012) Canadian freestyle skier, Sarah Burke, died in training accident at Park City
  • (2012) Mormon Church apologized for posthumously baptising parents of Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal

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