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1500's - 1600's
  • (1541) Explorers claimed Nebraska for Spain
  • (1682) French explorer Robert Cavelier claimed Nebraska for France
  • (1803) U.S. acquired Nebraska from France in the Louisiana Purchase
  • (1804) Lewis and Clark traveled up the Missouri River
  • (1819) U.S. Army established Fort Atkinson, Nebraska's first military post
  • (1823) First permanent white settlement built at Bellevue
  • (1833) U.S. government purchased the Pawnee Indian lands, south of the Platte River
  • (1840s) Settlers by the tens of thousands traveled across the state, following the Oregon Trail
  • (1854) Nebraska Territory organized
  • (1862) The Homestead Act encouraged new settlers from the east into Nebraska
  • (1867) Nebraska became a state
  • (1868) Lincoln replaced Omaha as the state capitol
  • (1877) The famed Indian warrior Crazy Horse surrendered, along with 1,000 of his followers near Camp Robinson. He was later killed
  • (1898) The Mississippi International Exposition opened in Omaha
  • (1939) Petroleum discovered in southeastern Nebraska
  • (1942) Kingsley Dam completed, creating Lake McConaughy
  • (1948) U.S. Strategic Air Commnad opened near Omaha
  • (1992) State began prohibiting large corporations from buying farmland
  • (1999) Prairie fire in central part of state burned 72,000 acres of grassland, killed cattle
  • (2000) Train derailment in Scottsbluff spilled 80,000 gallons of chemical benzene, evacuations ordered
  • (2002) Pipe bombs found in six residential mailboxes, domestic terrorism suspected; drought devastated crops, caused invasion of grasshopper, losses more than $1 billion
  • (2005) Legislature voted to allow convicted felons to vote after completion of sentence and two-year waiting period
  • (2006) Cuba bought $30 million in food from Nebraska
  • (2007) Gunman killed eight, injured five during shooting at Omaha mall
  • (2009) Legislature voted to change capital punishment from electrocution to lethal injection
  • (2011) Flooding of Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant by Missouri River raised fears that power plants could be vulnerable to weather extremes
  • (2011) Nebraska legislautre voted to reroute controversial TransCanada pipeline to avoid Sandhills and Ogallala aquifer
  • (2012) Four tornadoes struck around North Platte, injured four, damaged homes, farm buildings, derailed 31 railroad cars

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