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Alberta History Timeline

1600s - 1700s
  • (1679) Hudson Bay Company given exclusive rights in Rupert's Land, including most of Alberta
  • (1754) Anthony Henday, first European arrives
  • (1778) Peter Pond expedition set up trading posts
  • (1788) Permanent trading posts established in Peace River district
  • (1792) Fort George built by North West Company
  • (1795) Fort Edmonton built
  • (1803) U. S. bought part of Alberta in Louisiana Purchase
  • (1821) North West Company, Hudson Bay Company merged, created fur trade monopoly covering one-quarter of North America
  • (1837) Two-thirds of Blackfoot Indians died from smallpox epidemic
  • (1843) Father Thibault established mission
  • (1857) Captain John Palliser commissioned by British Government to explore Canadian West
  • (1867) British North American Act created Dominion of Canada
  • (1869) Hudson Bay Company sold Rupert's Land to Dominion of Canada; Crowfoot became chief of Blackfoot tribe
  • (1872) Free homestead of 160 acres offered due to passage of Dominion Act
  • (1874) 49th Parallel surveyed
  • (1876) Treaty No. 6 signed - Crees and Assiniboine surrendered lands in central Alberta to government
  • (1877) Treaty No. 7 - Blackfoot, Blood, Peigan, Sarcee, Tsuu, Stoney indians ceded lands in southern Alberta to government
  • (1881) Commercial ranching began in foothills, annual leases offered for one cent per acre
  • (1882) Northwest Territories divided into four districts: Alberta, Assiniboia East, Assiniboia West, Saskatchewan; Provisional District of Alberta created
  • (1883) Canadian Pacific Railway reached Calgary
  • (1887) Government set land aside near Banff, established first National Park
  • (1896) Western Settlement Campaign brought many immigrants to Alberta
  • (1899) Beaver, Chipewyan, Cree, Slavey indians ceded lands in northern Alberta to government
  • (1903) Frank Slide occurred, dammed the Crowsnest River, destroyed coal mines, infrastructure, buried houses and buildings, 76 killed
  • (1905) Province of Alberta created; Edmonton named provisional capital
  • (1910) Explosion at Bellevue Coal Mine killed 31
  • (1912) Alberta Provincial Legislature officially opened
  • (1914) Hillcrest coal mine explosion killed 139; oil discovered in Turney Valley
  • (1915) Prohibition began - sale and consumption of alcohol banned
  • (1916) Alberta became third province to grant women right to vote in provincial elections
  • (1918) Spanish flu epidemic struck Alberta, wearing face masks in public was mandatory; women received right to vote in federal elections
  • (1919) Coal Mine and Railway Workers strike caused by poor working conditions, socioeconomic inequalities; influenza epidemic killed 4,000
  • (1929) Group of Albertans (the Famous Five) gained official recognition for women as people from federal government
  • (1938) Metis Betterment Act passed - land set aside for Metis nation
  • (1947) Oil fields discovered at Leduc
  • (1950) Interprovincial pipeline constructed
  • (1953) Oil field discovered at Pembina
  • (1964) Exploration began of Athabasca tarsands
  • (1971) Progressive Conservatives won election, ended 36 years of Social Credit rule
  • (1973) Oil boom began
  • (1974) Ralph Steinhauer, first native to hold vice-regal office
  • (1980) National Energy Program - federal government took control of energy resources, established new prices and taxes on sale of oil
  • (1981) West Edmonton Mall opened, became world's largest shopping center
  • (1988) Winter Olympics held in Calgary
  • (1999) 243 mentally challenged people compensated for being sterilized against their will
  • (2000) Tornado at Pine Lake campground killed 12, critically injured over 100
  • (2003) Mad Cow disease discovered
  • (2005) Heavy rainfalls caused flooding, evacuation of 1,500 Calgarians, washed out bridges, damaged 40,000 homes
  • (2006) Jeremy Steinke killed 12-year old girlfriend's parents, brother
  • (2009) Outdoor stage collapse at country music festival killed one, injured 15; man scaled fence, mauled by tiger at Calgary Zoo
  • (2010) Largest dinosaur graveyard ever documented discovered near Hilda
  • (2011) 116 fires reported burning in the province, 34 out of control

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