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Geography Statistics of United Kingdom

United Kingdom's Information

Flag of United Kingdom
Largest Cities
  • Coastline: 12,429 km (7,723 miles)
  • Land Area:
    (land) 93,409 sq miles (241,930 sq km)
    (water) 649 sq miles (1,680 sq km)
    (TOTAL) 94,058 sq miles (243,610 sq km)

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  • Land Area: (all countries)
  • Land Divisions: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales divide themselves into a wide variety of boroughs, cities, council areas, counties and districts. For specific divisions of same, please refer to each.
  • Regions Map
  • Horizontal Width: 437 km (271 miles) from the far western coastline of Wales, directly east to Ipswich
  • Vertical Length: 967 km (600 miles) from the far northern edge of mainland Scotland to the southwestern tip of England, just west of Falmouth

    Note: Lengths and widths are point-to-point, straight-line measurements from a Mercator map projection, and will vary some using other map projections

  • Bordering Countries: (1) Ireland
  • Geographic Center: unknown
  • Highest Point: Ben Nevis, 1,343 meters (4,406 ft)
  • Lowest Point: The very low region of marsh area called The Fens, or Fenlands (-4 meters) (-13 ft)
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Relative Location
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