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United Kingdom Geography

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United Kingdom's Quick Facts

Land Area 241,930 km2
Water Area 1,680 km2
Total Area 243,610 km2
Population 64,430,428
Population Density 264.48 / km2
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy; A Commonwealth Realm
GDP (PPP) $2.79 Trillion
GDP Per Capita $42,500
Currency Pound (GBP)
Largest Cities
  • London (9,304,016)
  • Manchester (2,730,076)
  • Birmingham (West Midlands) (2,607,437)
  • West Yorkshire (1,889,095)
  • Glasgow (1,673,332)
  • Southampton/Portsmouth (South Hampshire) (927,916)
  • Liverpool (901,708)
  • Newcastle upon Tyne (809,481)
  • Nottingham (787,610)
  • Sheffield (730,158)

Landforms of the United Kingdom (UK) include those found in the individual countries of England, Scotland and Wales, and the constitutionally distinct region of Northern Ireland.

Topography varies north to south, so please access the individual countries pages, as well as the Northern Ireland page for specifics.

Individual Landforms

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