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Geography Statistics of Jordan

  • Coastline: 16 miles (26 km)
  • Land Area:
    (land) 34,286 sq miles (88,802 sq km)
    (water) 208 sq miles (540 sq km)
    (TOTAL) 34,495 sq miles (89,342 sq km)

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  • Land Area: (all countries)
  • Land Divisions: There are 12 governorates in Jordan. They are Ajlun, Al 'Aqabah, Al Balqa', Al Karak, Al Mafraq, 'Amman, At Tafilah, Az Zarqa', Irbid, Jarash, Ma'an and Madaba
  • Horizontal Width: 54.61 miles (87.88 km) from Ma'Daba east to Azraq
  • Vertical Length: 174.82 miles (281.34 km) from Al'Aqabah north to Irbid

    Note: Lengths and widths are point-to-point, straight-line measurements from a Mercator map projection, and will vary some using other map projections
  • Bordering Countries: (5) Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel and the West Bank
  • Geographic Center: About 36.25 miles (58.33 km) east of Al Karak
  • Highest Point: Jabal Ram 5,689 ft. (1,734 m)
  • Lowest Point: Dead Sea -1,338 ft (-408 m)
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Relative Location

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