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Chad History Timeline

900 - 1800s

  • (800s) Kanembu people established empire northeast of Lake Chad
  • (1000s) Sayfawa rulers extended south into Kanem; built first capital, Njimi
  • (1300s) Kanem Empire torn apart by internal struggles and external attacks
  • (1396) Bulala invaders forced Sayfawa rulers to abandon Njimi; Kanembu people were moved to Bornu on west of Lake Chad
  • (1400 - 1800) New group, the Kanuri, created by intermarriages of Kanembu and Bornu peoples; founded new capital of Ngazargamu
  • (1571 - 1603) Idris Aluma led the Kanem-Bornu people, brought about many administrative reforms and expanded military prowess
  • (1808) Fulani warriors conquered Ngazargamu
  • (1846) Sayfawa dynasty ended
  • (1883 - 1893) Burkina Faso

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