About Nigeria

The West African nation of Nigeria is referred to as the "Giant of Africa" due to its large multiethnic population. The country's rich culture reflects its 250 ethnic groups and over 520 languages. Abuja, located near the center of the country, is the capital while Lagos, sitting on the Gulf of Guinea, is by far the biggest city. The country is known for its stunning coastline, dense rainforests, savanna grasslands, and mangrove swamps which home to diverse wildlife including African bush elephants, baboons, and lions. 

Nigeria Trivia

Who Was the First President of Nigeria?

Azikiwe was the first President of Nigeria after the country became a fully independent republic and Nigeria cut ties with Britain.

Presidents And Military Leaders Of Nigeria Since Independence

What are the Biggest Ethnic Groups in Nigeria?

The Hausa is the biggest ethnic group in Nigeria, making up 25.1% of the population.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Nigeria

What is the Biggest City in Nigeria?

Lagos, with its 21 million metro area residents, is one of the earth's most populous urban areas and the largest city in Nigeria.

Biggest Cities In Nigeria

What is the Major Religion in Nigeria?

42.5% of the population of Nigeria is Sunni Islam, 32.3% of the population of Nigeria is Protestant Christianity, and 10.9% of the population practices Roman Catholicism.

Religious Beliefs In Nigeria

What Language is Spoken in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a multilingual nation with over 520 languages being spoken in the country. English is the official language.

What Languages Are Spoken In Nigeria?

What Kind of Government Does Nigeria Have?

The federal government of Nigeria is composed of three distinct branches: legislative, executive, and judicial.

What Type Of Government Does Nigeria Have?

What Are The Ecological Regions Of Nigeria?

Nigeria has five terrestrial ecoregions. These are the tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests, mangroves, montane grasslands and shrublands, tropical and subtropical grasslands, shrublands flooded grasslands and shrublands. The country has two freshwater ecoregions, the Nilo-Sudan and the West Coastal Equatorial ecoregions. It also has a marine ecoregion, the Gulf of Guinea Central ecoregion.

Ecological Regions Of Nigeria

What Kind of Plants Come From Nigeria?

Some of the native plants that live in Nigeria include the rogon daji, the nganda coffee and the yohimbe.

Native Plants Of Nigeria