About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a mysterious and alluring country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. Much like this suggests, the country has attributes of both a European and an Asian country, with architecture that is uniquely Azerbaijani and a culture that is unmatched anywhere else on the globe. In Baku, skyscrapers soar high above the ground, which results in a modern-day urban masterpiece. In contrast, the country is home to some of the oldest examples of early settlements on the planet, as humans have lived in the area that is now Azerbaijan since the Stone Age

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How Much of Azerbaijan is in Europe?

Approximately 2,687.27 square miles of Azerbaijan lies within Europe.

Is Azerbaijan in Europe?

What is the Capital of Azerbaijan?

Baku is the political, economic, and cultural capital of Azerbaijan.

What Is the Capital City of Azerbaijan?

What is the biggest city in Azerbaijan?

Baku is the largest and the capital city of Azerbaijan.

The Largest Cities In Azerbaijan

What Languages are Spoken in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijani, the official language of Azerbaijan, is spoken by more than 90% of the population of the country.

What Languages Are Spoken In Azerbaijan?

Which Are The Biggest Industries In Azerbaijan?

Petroleum and natural gas, steel, iron ore, cement, etc., are some of the biggest industries of Azerbaijan.

The Biggest Industries In Azerbaijan

What are the ethnic groups of Azerbaijan?

92% of the country's residents are ethnic Azerbaijanis, while Lezgins are the largest ethnic minority at 2%.

Ethnic Groups Of Azerbaijan

What Kind of Government Does Azerbaijan Have?

Azerbaijan is a semi-presidential republic where the president is the head of state, and the prime minister is the head of government.

What Type Of Government Does Azerbaijan Have?

What is the tallest mountain in Azerbaijan?

Bazardüzü along the border with Russia is Azerbaijan's highest peak at 14,652 feet above sea level in elevation.

The Tallest Mountains in Azerbaijan