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Where is San Jose, CA?

map showing the location of San Jose

San Jose is a city found in California, The United States Of America. It is located 37.34 latitude and -121.89 longitude and it is situated at elevation 23 meters above sea level.

San Jose has a population of 945,942 making it the 3rd biggest city in California. It operates on the PDT time zone, which means that it follows the same time zone as Los Angeles.

Quick facts

Country The United States Of America
State California
Population 945,942
Elevation 23 m over sea level
Time Zone PDT
Longitude -121.894960
Latitude 37.339390
Airports Reid-Hillview of Santa Clara County Airport, San Jose International Airport



San Jose, dubbed the capital of Silicon Valley, is located at the southern end of climate offers warm summers and very mild winters. San Jose enjoys over 300 days of constant sunshine. Its ethnic diversity, cultural, recreational and entertainment opportunities give San Jose unique charm and distinct character.

Did you know?

  • San Jose is ranked as one of the safest cities in the U.S.
  • Residents of San Jose produce more U.S. patents than any other city.
  • Woz Way is a downtown street named after Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak. The famous computer company began in a San Jose garage!
  • The HP Pavilion in San Jose is one of the most active events venues in the world.


  • California vacation.

    This 23-acre water park is the number one attraction in the city. Play on the twisting, racing Dragon's Den and Shotgun Falls water slides, coast down the lazy Endless River and experience the fantastic 350,000 gallons wave pool. A dedicated kid's Activity Pool lets the little ones explore waterfalls, slides and climbing areas that are just the right size.

  • California attraction that will be remembered for years.
  • The Lick Observatory
    Situated on the summit of Mount Hamilton in the Diablo Range, east of San Jose, sits the world's first permanently occupied mountain-top observatory. Operated by the University of California, the Lick Observatory is open to the public during day time hours. Overlooking Santa Clara Valley, the Observatory offers daily guided tours of the telescopes.

    In the main building, constructed in 1888, visitors can see the displays of astral exhibits along with examples of some of the most revealing images of the universe, including our local solar system and galaxies far beyond the Milky Way.


San-jose has a population of around 1000860, of which 502918 (50%) are male and 497942 (49%) are female. The average age of the inhabitants of San-jose is 36.48, meaning that the average person is below the national median age of 37. For every male, there are approximately 0.99 females, meaning that the population is relatively evenly distributed between males and female(s).

Of San-jose's 1000860 residents, around 952153 (95.10%) identify as having a single race. Of the population, 439009 are white (43.90%), 30379 are black/African Americans (3.00%), 5837 are native Americans (0.60%), 337966 are asians (33.00%), 3870 are pacific islanders (0.40%), 135092 are other (13.00%).

The median income of households in San-jose is $84647.00, meaning that most of the households are above the poverty threshold for families of three. Of the total population, 3.90% of households reported an annual income of less than $10,000.

San Jose, CA Zipcodes

The city of San Jose has 40 zipcodes recognized by the United States Census Bureau: 94089, 95002, 95008, 95013, 95014, 95032, 95035, 95037, 95050, 95054, 95070, 95110, 95111, 95112, 95113, 95116, 95117, 95118, 95119, 95120, 95121, 95122, 95123, 95124, 95125, 95126, 95127, 95128, 95129, 95130, 95131, 95132, 95133, 95134, 95135, 95136, 95138, 95139, 95140, 95148.

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