How To Tell If Someone Is Introverted Or Extroverted?

An introvert often likes to spend time with oneself without getting bored of it.
An introvert often likes to spend time with oneself without getting bored of it.
  • Every person has a mix of introversion and extroversion but can only lean more on one side.
  • Introverts are easily destructed while extroverts get bored easily.
  • Introverts will learn by watching while extrovert will learn by doing.

Extroversion and introversion are central parts of prominent theories of personality. According to several theories of personalities, every person has an aspect of both extroversion and introversion. However, a person can only lean one way. Extroverts and introverts are often viewed as two extremely opposite people. You may not be aware of which personality group you belong to because of the many misconceptions about these two personality groups. Generally, introverts are people who focus more on internal thoughts, moods, and feelings while extroverts mostly seek out external stimulations. Here are ways you can tell if someone is an introvert or an extrovert.

Dealing with Crowds

Introverts are often drained and exhausted after spending time with a lot of people and often feel like retreating to a quiet place to spend more time with themselves. An introvert will feel outside in any group activity or social gathering even with the people familiar to them. In most cases, an introvert wants to sit alone or with other people who are not showing interest in the group activities. On the other hand, extroverts love social gatherings and being around people. They find such group gathering refreshing and actually gain a lot of energy from them.


Most introverts are described as reserved, quiet, and sometimes shy. Some people find it difficult to approach them or even get to know them. They will most often choose their words carefully and are usually straight to the point. However, extroverts like interacting with people and are always ready to strike a conversation with just anyone. People find them likable and easily approachable. In any social gathering, extroverts will always be the first to walk up to new guests.


Introverts are easily overwhelmed and destructed in an environment with excess stimulation. It is for this reason that introverts like quiet and solitary places where they can thrive. While introverts are more easily distracted than extroverts, extroverts are easily bored when they have very little to do or have to do a monotonous task. They thrive in environments with high stimulation or where there are a lot of activities.

Number of Close Friends

While introverts do not enjoy social gatherings, they enjoy the company of a small group of friends, who are particularly close to them. They prefer deep, long-lasting relationships to a small groups of friends who they only know at a deep level. An extrovert is a people person who loves to make new friends wherever they go. Since they are good at striking conversations with strangers and enjoying their company, they tend to have a wider circle of friends.

Learning Mode

Introverts prefer learning by observation. They will sit back and watch others perform a task until they learn before they can try it out. Even after learning, they will first try it out elsewhere privately to build their skills and abilities and will only perform before an audience if necessary. Extroverts will jump right in to learn. They prefer learning through trial and error and are not afraid of making mistakes before people. They will ask questions repeatedly, which introverts may find as unnecessary.

Every Individual Is Different

Despite all the above differences, it must be remembered that no two person is alike and all the above behavioral aspects might not apply with equal intensity in an individual described as an introver or extrovert. Variations will always be there.


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