Kenton, Oklahoma

Kenton is definitely one of the smallest towns in the US and the world. The town, home to only five people, is the highest in the state. The city is considered a rural mountain area that serves little to non-economic value to the state. However, the five residents continue to live in this place as they believe it is their home. Although the city is only 5 miles away from Colorado and 2 miles away from New Mexico, it never succeeded in being a commercial or trade intersection. It is seldom that people pass by this town for touristic purposes.  

Geography And Climate Of Kenton

Kenton, Oklahoma
The Cimarron River.

Kenton is located in the Northwest corner of Cimarron County and on the south side of Cimarron River Valley and the Cimarron River. It is 2miles away from New Mexico borders and 5 miles away from the Colorado state line. It is located on the south side of the Cimarron River in the Cimarron River valley. The city is all desert prairies with rock hills surrounding it. To get there, you have to be driving on 325 State Highway. Though it is officially in the Central Time Zone, it is unofficially in the mountain time zone. 

Kenton and the surrounding are considered the westernmost of Oklahoma state. The nearest significant cities from Kenton are Amarillo, Texas, which is 155 miles away; Colorado Springs, Colorado, 237 miles away, Denver at 306 miles; Albuquerque, 314 miles; Wichita, at 340 miles; and Oklahoma City at 361 miles.  

The climate in Kenton is semi-arid and cool. Because of its mid-altitude, cool weather is present most of the year. Temperatures range from 45.2°F to 54.3°F during the year. Total precipitation can reach 17 inches annually. 

Population Of Kenton

Right, Kenton has a population of 5 people. There has been no increase or decrease in the town's population since 2019. The 5 people of Kenton are all white, of which 3 of them are males and 2 of the females. All five people are US citizens and born inside the country.  Economy Of Kenton All five residents work outside of the town. The males have an annual income of $60,777, whereas the females receive $42,801.

There are no industries in the city. No company has ever opened a business in this town since 1910. The land has no significant natural resources. The people rely on neighboring cities for acquiring and purchasing their needs for their homes and lands.  

History Of Kenton 

Road sign at the eastern edge of Kenton, Oklahoma. Image credit: DrunkDriver via Wikimedia Commons

Prehistoric fossil discoveries and pictographs were made in Kenton. This was the buzz of the town for many years. It is also home to the state's highest point, situated 4,973 feet above sea level. Kenton was established in the 1880s and was initially called Carrizo. When Oklahoma became an official state in the US, the town was the seat of Cimarron County from 1907 to 1908. The city still has old buildings from the ancient settlements. One of these buildings was a courthouse and is now a small store.  

Kenton Museum

It is a small native rock home built in 1902 and is the oldest building in Kenton. It showcases items that helped the old settlers make this No Man's Land their home.