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7 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Nevada to Visit in 2024

Nevada has many unusual features that make it worth visiting. From the enigmatic Area 51 and UFO sightings to the entertainment and gambling industries of Las Vegas, there is a cornucopia of wild delights in the Silver State. However, if you are not interested in Sin City or any other major city in Nevada, then you ought to explore 2024’s most beautiful small towns in Nevada. Whether you are venturing into breathtaking settlements like Genoa and Incline Village near Lake Tahoe or learning why Nevada is called the Silver State in towns like Virginia City, you will be as entertained and enchanted as if you were in Las Vegas itself. So hop aboard whatever unidentified object you are driving to get to the most beautiful small towns in Nevada.


Genoa Courthouse Museum in Genoa, Nevada.
Genoa Courthouse Museum in Genoa, Nevada. By Brent Cooper, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

As the first settlement of the Nevada Territory since the year of 1851, Genoa now serves as a 42-mile getaway from the city of Reno. Trekkers and travelers can delve into the Carson River Valley and other landscapes at the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada Range. Traverse the scenic Eagle Ridge Trailhead towards Genoa Peak, where two sublime sanctuaries in Genoa are in full view. One can take a refreshing dip from the Nevada heat at the magnificent Lake Tahoe. And at the Mormon Station State Historic Park, you can appreciate the establishment of the first permanent trading post by Mormons from Salt Lake City, Utah. Each year on September 28 and 29, the people of Genoa celebrate dinner, dances, arts, and crafts during the Genoa Candy Dance. So if you have any intention of staying a while at Genoa, you can seek your temporary place of residence at either the White House, the Holiday Inn Club Vacations, or David Walley's Resort.


Main Street (Nevada State Route 398) near the Central Pacific Railroad Depot in Lovelock, Nevada
Main Street (Nevada State Route 398) near the Central Pacific Railroad Depot in Lovelock, Nevada. Image credit: Famartin via Wikimedia Commons.

Lock your sights on the lovely town of Lovelock. Known affectionately as the “Banana Belt,” Lovelock is located in a route called Cowboy Corridor—more modernly known as Interstate 80—which was a vital avenue for western expansion and transportation. This mountain-flanked route was also utilized by the Northern Paiute people. Evidence of these Native Americans’ influence in the area can be best seen in Lovelock Cave, a sacred place that guano miners accidentally discovered and found thousands of Northern Paiute artifacts dating within 2000 B.C. to 1000 A.D. The most culturally valuable of these artifacts were 11 well-preserved Tule Duck Decoys, the oldest of their kind. For those of you who are enthusiastic to see these relics, or to know more about Lovelock’s inception as a transcontinental railroad depot, then head over to the Marzen House Museum. But if you need to sleep in Nevada’s cool evenings, then rest well in the Cadillac Inn or the Royal Inn.

Incline Village

Incline Village, Nevada
Incline Village, Nevada, via 1000Photography /

Are you inclined towards a relaxing vacation away from Las Vegas’ wild side and Nevada’s arid heat? Then feel some sense of inclination towards Incline Village. Located on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Incline Village hosts many activities and attractions for you to feel easy and breezy in Nevada. The Sand Habor, for example, orchestrates the beloved Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival for those itching to see more of the Bard’s transcendental plays. In the mountains surrounding Incline Village are the Flume Trail and dozens more dirt paths and walkways for the most adventurous of you to traverse. You might want to visit Incline on February as the townsfolk will celebrate the annual Ullr Fest to honor the Norse God of Snow. And since snow is a popular theme in Incline Village, experience refreshing skiing opportunities at the Diamond Peak Ski Area and Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe. In this village on Lake Tahoe, you will not feel unwelcomed, especially not in resplendent lodgings like Incline Lodge and Northlakes Lodges & Villas.

Virginia City

The historical downtown of Virginia City, Nevada
The historical downtown of Virginia City, Nevada. Editorial credit: Pandora Pictures /

Approximately 28 miles Genoa, travelers will be mesmerized by the golden glories of Virginia City. This unassuming town in the Virginia Range and Mount Davidson is the reason why there are so many millionaires today. Specifically, the miles of gold and silver mines in the Comstock Lode that has provided wealth and prosperity to tycoon magnates like John Mackay. Virginia City’s many Victorian buildings have barely changed since the mining boom of the “Big Bonanza” in 1873. The haunted Washoe Club and Piper’s Opera House are some examples of these neatly-protected architecture.

For those of you more curious about Viriginia City’s mining heydays, you can peruse several quarry artifacts and mining maps at the Way It Was Museum. Or you can go directly to the source of the past at the Chollar and Ponderosa mines, the Comstock Gold Mill, and Marhsall Mint. The Fourth Ward School Museum, on the other hand, houses a recreational classroom depicting life in 1876. As for lodgings such as Virginia City Inn, Comstock Lodge, and Gold Hill Hotel, these places will keep you nice and cozy in the prosperous small town of Virginia City.


The historic mining town of Tonopah, Nevada
The historic mining town of Tonopah, Nevada. Editorial credit: travel view /

Nevada is most notably renowned for its ferocious desert landscapes and arid environments. These features are best seen in the isolated abode of Tonopah. Hailed as the “Queen of the Silver Camps” because it was once a major mining center for silver ores and deposits, one can tour the Mining Park to see more of silver mines that allowed Tonopah to flourish. These days, Tonopah is a popular destination for stargazers who can better see the Milky Way Galaxy from Tonopah’s unpolluted and often cloudless night skies. From May 19 - 17, the townsfolk celebrate the annual Jim Butler Days with festivities and activities. The most astonishing attraction in Tonopah is Goldfield, where the “International Car Forest”—literal fields of wrecked and vandalized cars standing upright in the desert—is located. If you have any interest in exploring more of Tonopah’s mesmerizing features, you can first book a room at the Mizpah Hotel, Belvada Hotel, or Clown Motel.


Main Street in Ely, Nevada
Main Street in Ely, Nevada. Image credit Sandra Foyt via Shutterstock

Similar to Tonopah and Virginia City, the isolated town of Ely was once a simple mining town in Nevada. It was also a stagecoach terminus and trading post formerly called Murray Station in the 1870s. However, since Ely is located Nevada’s eastern edge of Highway 50, the “Loneliest Road in America,” not many tourists can find this hidden treasure of a town. But should you find Ely, you will be astounded by the many attractions in the area such as the Great Basin National Park. From there, you can go spelunking at limestone and marble chambers of the Lehman Cave.

You might fancy going up rather than down, especially towards Wheeler Peak, the second-tallest mountain in Nevada at 13,000 feet. While walking down Ely’s streets, admire the many murals and sculptures representing the town’s stagecoach and mining heritage, as well as the incorporation of the Nevada Northern Railway in 1906. You can even board a vintage diesel-engine locomotive that traverses the Egan Range. Do not feel so lonely in a town in the Loneliest Road in America, not when you are staying in lavish accommodations like the Copper Queen Ramada Inn and the Prospector Hotel Casino.


The former mining town of Austin, Nevada.
The former mining town of Austin, Nevada. Image credit: Jasperdo via

Austin is yet another lonesome town in the Loneliest Road in America, which is about two hours and a half away from Ely. However, unlike Ely, Austin happens to be located on the high and chilly slopes of the Toiyabe Mountain Range. From there, trailblazers can explore the trails and treks of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. Climbers might also be called to brave the challenging heights of Mount Prometheus, where one is rewarded with views of Kingston Canyon and Big Smoky Valley. History buffs, on the other hand, will be intrigued by the Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area and Toquima Cave, home to a number of 10,000-year-old rock carvings. At Stokes Castle which overlooks the vast Reese River Valley, one can know more about Austin’s contributions to mining in the region. As for fine establishments like the Cozy Mountain Motel, you will feel safe and sound in the quiet town of Austin.

In Conclusion

The Burning Man Festival, casinos, and signs of extraterrestrial life—Nevada has it all. However, for your sake and the sake of your friends and family members, you should definitely explore at least one or all of the most beautiful small towns in Nevada this 2024. They may not have the big casinos of Las Vegas, but they certainly are rich in gold and silver mining history—the kind that has made millionaires of out many Americans in the past and present. There are also many which contain the relics and remnants of past civilizations and cultures in central America, in addition to excellent national parks and landmarks. Let the lights of Las Vegas leave your rearview mirror as the most beautiful small towns in Nevada appear in your windshield view.

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