Incline Village, Nevada

Incline Village, Nevada

Incline village is a community on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in Washoe County, Nevada, United States of America. It has a population of roughly 8,600 people and sits at an elevation of 1935 meters. Named after the 1878 logging route of the Great Incline Tramway, the area is now best known for its mountain retreats, Lake Tahoe views, and laid-back atmosphere.

Geography Of Incline Village

Snow covered roof tops in Incline Village.

The town is located along the northern shores of Lake Tahoe, on the Nevada side. At nearly 2,000 meters above sea level, the town looks out over Crystal Bay and Burnt Cedar Park. To the southeast is Harlen Peak, and to the north and west, in California, Martis Peak. Mount Rose and Mount Houghton sit some distance away to the direct north. 

All these nearby mountains and the elevation give the town a cozy, mountain-village feel. The forest and rock landscapes make for beautiful scenery, and the bay’s crystal blue waters are iconic. Several creeks run through Incline Village and flow into the bay below. They include Incline Creek, Mill Creek, and First, Second and Third Creek. 

History Of Incline Village

The region was originally settled as part of the Sierra Nevada Wood and Lumber Company logging endeavor. The lumber produced by the company was used in the mines that boomed during the 1800s in Virginia City and Comstock Lode.

The timber was transported from the lake to the mining communities through an incline railway, which lifted the logs up the mountain slope, where they then dropped down a flume to Carson City. This railway is what gave the village the name “Incline.” The community was later officially named and established in 1884 when a post office was granted. 

Things To Do In Incline Village

Incline village ski resort
Ski slopes in Incline Village.

Due to its location in the mountains, Incline village is a great place to enjoy some skiing or snowboarding. Both Diamond Peak and Mount Rose can be easily reached from the village and offer a range of ski opportunities. Whether traveling as a family, a novice, or an expert, there are runs and courses for everyone to enjoy. Mount Rose, in particular, also includes the longest vertical in North America, making it an excellent option for expert or pro skiers looking for a challenge.

Kayakers in Lake Tahoe.

In warmer weather, mountain biking is common among the hills and trails, and street cycling is also a great way to get around and see the sights. Down by the lake, visitors can take in Crystal Bay and enjoy the beaches, stop for a picnic, or stroll along the shore. There are also several boat tours and water activities to enjoy, like boating, canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Incline Village is also home to two different golf courses, a tennis center, skateboard park, bowling alley, and the impressive IVGID Recreation Center. This center contains a range of fitness and recreation activities such as gym classes, a pool, racquetball courts, basketball courts, and yoga and weight rooms. The center also offers massage therapy, nutritionists, and personal trainers.

Aside from sports and outdoor activities, cultural attractions include a Shakespeare Festival, Ullr festival -which honors the Norse god of snow -historic tours of the village, and holiday-related town celebrations. The village is full of old-world charm and natural beauty for a charming mountain feel. 

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