7 Most Beautiful Cities In Delaware

The second-smallest state in the US boasts a prominent character and the proud title of America’s First State. It is often overlooked on the map for the sheer size of neighboring Virginia and Pennsylvania and the glamour of New York. The coastal state offers many scenic sights and deep history within its small and big metropolises. Strewn with old architecture and enveloped in fresh, activities-ridden nature, these cities are a must-visit to experience the beautiful state of Delaware


Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware
Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware. Editorial credit: Nagel Photography / Shutterstock.com

Dover is a beautiful city where the battle for American independence unfolded, and the American hero Caesar Rodney settled down. The streets are strewn with colonial-time buildings and architecture, such as the magnificent Christ Episcopal Church from the early 1700s. The impact Dover had on the US is commemorated in countless ways, offering a family-friendly visit with tons of museums alongside excellent boutiques.  

There are year-round historical programs throughout Dover, while the coolest way to discover the city is through the popular evening lantern tours. Dover hosts the best old-fashioned festivals, along with regular fairs and events that showcase life in the 18th century through sights and activities for all tastes. The 18th Century Market Fair brings locals and nationwide tourists to stock up on goodies and immerse in a unique culture. 


Aerial view of Lewes, Delaware
Aerial view of Lewes, Delaware. Editorial credit: Khairil Azhar Junos / Shutterstock.com

The scenic city in the nook of Delaware Bay boasts a charming nickname as “The first town in the first state.” This coastal community with irresistible shores attracted the earliest European settlement in Delaware. Lewes was found by settlers from the Netherlands in 1631, with present-day American-Dutch blend unlike anywhere else in the state. Home to about 3,303 residents, the city is known for best small-town vibe, unique culture, and deep history. 

The beautiful city is traversed by Lewes and Rehoboth canals offering water-views to one side, and picturesquely-old buildings to the other on a stroll. The Ryves Holt House from 1665 is considered the oldest historic building still-standing in Delaware. Lewes' vibrant heart hosts unique local restaurants and boutiques, including the Lemon Tree Restaurant, the local favorite for dining. There are regular street events with cheery sights and mingling, while Lewes Farmers Market is nearly as mature as the city itself.


Old St. Anne's Church in Middletown, Delaware
Old St. Anne's Church in Middletown, Delaware. Image Credit: Acroterion, via Wikimedia Commons

This city in the beautiful New Castle County boasts a sizable population of about 23,192 residents. The small, spaced-out houses, open views, and liberal vibes of the town attract studious populace and many young families that call Middletown, home. Tourists also love the suburban feel of Middletown's sprawled modernity and easy access to explore country-wide sights that the heart desires. 

The charming focal point and heart-of-town is none other, than a single structure of the marvelous Saint Anne’s Church. Staring down into the adoring eyes of locals and tourists, the welcoming church is also a pillar for the community. It is surrounded by a whole fair of fair-priced stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues with quality offerings and easy navigation between each "hotspot." 


The University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware
The University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware. Image Credit: Cargoudel, via Wikimedia Commons

Newark ranks especially high in attractiveness. It is home to the University of Delaware with a really young vibe on the streets, where median age of residents is 24.The city that clearly values education has complementing scenery and attractions to help keep inspired and blow-off steam. There is hiking, cycling, and fishing at the White Clay Creek State Park, local access into nature at the Rittenhouse Park, as well as proximate mountain biking and horseback riding. Many consider Newark as the best place for singles to live and visit, with other singles, parties, student-geared establishments, and the wonderful campus for strolls. The upscale town also has great entertainment venues and restaurants.

New Castle

Immanuel Episcopal Church in New Castle, Delaware
Immanuel Episcopal Church in New Castle, Delaware.

This family-friendly, historic city founded in 1640 is home to around 5,551 today. The residents enjoy living along the Delaware River's banks, as well as easy access to Wilmington, just a few miles away. New Castle held the title as the state's first capital in 1776 for one year, while its first capital New Castle building from 1775 still-stands as a majestic landmark-museum. The Old New Castle area in the courtyard of the building is a treasure cove of historic sites, with the New Castle Court House Museum and the Amstel House Gardens along the river's edge. 

The First State National Historical Park offers a sprawling green scape with historical sights for lovely strolls. A Day in Old New Castle is a popular event each May, with costumes, re-enactments, and many homes, gardens, and historic public buildings open to the public, along with old-timey games for kids. The town's cobblestoned streets lined by stately townhouses induce Colonial charm, along with great shopping opportunities on a stroll. 

North Star

The small city with a cozy name and matching atmosphere is a suburb of Philadelphia in New Castle County. Home to about 8,056 residents, North Star boasts a small town appeal with modern attractions surrounded by rural views. There are plenty of cute coffee shops, cafes, and local restaurants for that perfect weekend escape from the city's noise and smoke.

The beautiful city with ample green spaces and leafy parks in town, a gallant vibe, and surprisingly dynamic feel, is a "perfect all-rounder in Delaware." There is also great nightlife and booming businesses, all within a close-knit community-feel. The city is easy to get around, with all the right comforts, and Philadelphia's cityscape glitz, one hour to the northeast.


The skyline of Wilmington from Riverfront Wilmington, along the Christina River
The skyline of Wilmington from Riverfront Wilmington, along the Christina River. Editorial credit: Kate Scott / Shutterstock.com

This atmospheric city in the north of the state is Delaware's largest. Wilmington boasts idyllic locale around the Delaware River, with an unbeatable combo of natural and urban views, activities, and attractions. It is home to over 50 distinct neighborhoods, all with unique sights and engagements at reasonable prices for the city's sheer size-spread. Wilmington's historical heart with streets adorned in classic Georgian architecture is a whole affair to stroll through the vibrant display, any time of year.

A warm-weather evening stroll along the riverfront lets one take the city's lights from a whole other perspective. The Delaware Children’s Museum is beloved by families, while the Riverfront has been an up-scaled affair for best strolls down the natural scenery lined by modern attractions to sit, peruse and get entertained.

These seven cities in the country's First State, each offer a unique affair of beautiful architecture and attractions for all tastes, in the veil of deep history. Their smaller scape with all the modern comforts surrounded by nature-scape will be imprinted as a perfect city getaway.