Newark, Delaware.

Newark, Delaware

With many national and international figure skating events, Newark, Delaware, is a hub and training center for figure skating. As recently as 2022, Newark added another accolade to its list of sports, with the Combat Zone Wrestling setting up its headquarters. To many, this northern tri-state city is a quiet place with a large amount of green space, encompassing more than 49 square kilometers. 

Geography And Climate Of Newark

Aerial photo of the Christiana Hospital and medical center
Aerial photo of the Christiana Hospital and medical center in Newark, Delaware. Editorial credit: Felix Mizioznikov /

Newark is a small city situated in New Castle County in the northern portion of the US State of Delaware. The city is found close to “the wedge,” a junction where Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania meet. The city is located about 19 kilometers south-southwest of Wilmington, Delaware. Furthermore, it lies in the physiographical area between the Atlantic Coastal Plain that engulfs the eastern states and consists of swamps, marshes, and embayments, as well as the Piedmont Plateau to the north that showcases the Appalachian Hills. The city covers a total area of 23.8 sq. km, all of which is occupied by land. 

According to the Köppen Climate Classification, Newark experiences a humid subtropical climate. Thus, this city experiences four seasons, with warm summers and windy and snowy winters. Over a year, Newark collects precipitation for 110.5 days from rain, sleet, and snow. The warmest month is July, with an average high of 30.5 °C and the coldest month is January, with an average low of -4.5 °C. 

History Of Newark

Main Street is the commercial heart of Newark, Delaware
Main Street is the commercial heart of Newark, Delaware. Image Credit: PookieFugglestein via Wikimedia Commons.

Newark was established in 1758 as a location to receive shipments from King George II. Scottish and Welsh settlers primarily inhabited it. During the American Revolutionary War, Newark was a part of the nearby battle of Cooch’s Bridge in 1777. This event was significant because it was the first time the Stars and Stripes flag was raised on US soil and was the only battle in the State of Delaware. Moreover, the war was fought by the British and Hessian troops against the US Colonial troops commanded by George Washington. Initially, the British gained ground after outmanning and outgunning US forces in August 1777. By September 1777, the Colonial troops used the Cooch’s Bridge as an ambush location on the British forces. However, the Colonial forces ran out of ammunition and were forced to retreat, and the British sacked and burned properties around the bridge. However, the British and Hessian troops did not stay long as they proceeded to the Battle of Brandywine.

The Population And Economy Of Newark

University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware
The University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware. Image Credit: Cargoudel via Wikimedia Commons

Newark has a population of 33,371 inhabitants and a population density of 1,253.27 people per sq. km. The median household income is $80,868, and the gross monthly rent is $1,282. The average age of a resident is 24.8 years old. On the cost of living index, Newark rates at 104.1, whereas the state of Delaware is 102.4. Yet, 23.53% of the population lives below the poverty line.

The unemployment rate is 5.6%, whereas the US unemployment rate is 6.0%. The main sectors that make up the economy include education services at 25.4% overall, accommodation and food services at 12.2%, and retail trade at 11.1%. One of Newark's early employers was the Chrysler Newark Assembly Plant, which opened its doors in 1951. During World War II, the plant manufactured tanks, but after the war's conclusion, it switched its focus to making vehicles. In 2009, the University of Delaware purchased the plant and turned it into a Science, Technology, and Advanced Research campus.

Attractions In Newark

White Clay Creek State Park

A scenic view of a river flowing in the forest in White Clay Creek State Park, Newark, Delaware
A scenic view of a river flowing in the forest in White Clay Creek State Park, Newark, Delaware. 

White Clay Creek State Park offers visitors a variety of activities, from fishing and hiking to exploring the Chambers House Nature Center. White Creek is known as a prime location for fly-fishing for its stock trout streams, as well as shore fishing can be accessed through the docks at Smith Mill Pond, where largemouth bass are found. There are over 50 kilometers of hiking and biking trails throughout the state park. Chamber House Nature Center is a 200-year-old building that educates the public on local fauna and flora species, in addition to the importance of the Piedmont stream valley.

Newark History Museum

The Newark History Museum is located in the Pennsylvania Railroad Station that opened its doors in 1877. Every year, the museum changes its exhibits as well as expands its permanent collections. The 2022 exhibit consists of Newark's First Industrial Neighborhood, Newark High School Spirit, and State Theatre Marquee Letters. Visitors are welcome to come and visit and take a self-guided tour.

University Of Delaware Botanical Gardens

The University of Delaware Botanical Garden showcases over 3,000 plant species. It's free to the public and starts at Townsend Hall, with different displays outside many of its buildings. Visitors are encouraged to explore the grounds from sunrise to sunset. Notable gardens include the Magnolia Society test Garden, wildflowers at Fischer Greenhouse Laboratory, and the many shrubs that line the walkways. A garden map can be downloaded on the phone, as well as guided tours are offered for groups of 10 or less. 

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