Beautiful cotton field sunset in Mississippi. Image credit CIRI Photography via Shutterstock

6 Most Underrated Towns in Mississippi

The Magnolia State of Mississippi is one of the Southern United States’ most lovely and alluring places. Filled with fascinating history, beautiful natural surroundings, and unique southern charm, the great towns of Mississippi reveal places of wondrous awe, ideal for any traveler with a love of America.


Pioneer Cabin and footbridge in Tishomingo State Park Mississippi
Pioneer Cabin and footbridge in Tishomingo State Park Mississippi. Image credit Fredlyfish4 via Shutterstock

luka is a splendid town that serves as the seat of Tishomingo County and is home to a modest population of just over 3,000 residents. Named after a Chickasaw indigenous chief and established in the 1850s, luka even saw military action during the Civil War as the site of the Battle of Iuka in 1862. Today, Iuka boasts hot summers, mild winters, and beautiful small-town appeal. Very near the JP Coleman State Park and the Tishomingo State Park, outdoor lovers will relish their stopover in this great Mississippi town. A stop at the Apron Museum will certainly leave visitors with a unique insight into this essential kitchen garment.


Cannons at the Civil War Battle of Raymond, in Raymond Military Park, Hinds County, Mississippi
Cannons at the Civil War Battle in Raymond Military Park, Hinds County, Mississippi. Image credit Norm Lane via Shutterstock

Home to just under 2,000 inhabitants, Raymond is a scenic and charming southern town, located near the famed Natchez Trace forested trail. Founded in 1829, visitors to Raymond will be able to experience a first-hand encounter with great 19th-century history. Stop by such spots as the Hinds County Courthouse, and the Raymond Military Park (site of an 1863 Civil War battle) or stroll through the beautiful main square. In addition, you can visit a number of antebellum-style buildings, bringing a slice of the past right into the present.


A blue heron, one of the many species of birds you can find at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge
A blue heron is one of the many species of birds you can find at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge. Image credit Jordan Hill Photography via Shutterstock

Located in Noxubee County, Brooksville has a population of around 915 residents. Yet this historic and naturally beautiful town is worth a stop for anyone traveling through Mississippi. At the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, visitors can marvel at a number of protected bird species and explore the various wildlife viewing areas and trails. Meanwhile, at the Ole Country Bakery, tourists will find plenty of sweet treats, baked goods, and all types of southern cuisine.

Rolling Fork

Mississippi River Delta
Mississippi River Delta. Image credit EyeTravel via Shutterstock

Founded in the 1840s, this seat of Sharkey County has a population of just 1,883 residents. However, for what it lacks in size, Rolling Fork makes up for in great historic and natural beauty. Situated within the famed Mississippi Delta, vast fields of corn, cotton, and soybeans surround the town in addition to several historical sites of interest. Visit such places as the marvelous Mont Helena mansion, built in 1896, or the Onward Store, a turn-of-the-century general store still in operation. Opened in 1913, passersby can enjoy some of the very best in southern cooking here, in addition to a number of great souvenirs and antique collectibles to take home. Nearby is also the site of the famous bear hunt that President Theodore Roosevelt partook, in 1902, leading to the nickname Teddy Bear.


Wilkinson County Courthouse, Woodville
Wilkinson County Courthouse, Woodville. Image credit Nina Alizada via Shutterstock

One of the oldest towns in all of Mississippi, founded in 1811, Woodville is near the border with Louisiana. The seat of Wilkinson County, the town of Woodville is home to a population of only 928 residents, yet its historic allure and natural beauty are more than enough reasons to want to visit. Check out the nearby Clark Creek Natural Area, a 700-acre conservation area where birdwatching, hiking, and close encounters with nature are always on hand. With over 50 waterfalls, there are plenty of great photo opportunities.

Back in town tourists can visit sites such as the African American Museum, and the Rosemont Mansion, or simply stroll by the numerous buildings constructed with distinct 19th-century architecture. From the Wilkinson County Courthouse to a number of beautiful churches, walking through Woodville will certainly give one a feeling of another time.


tombigbee national forest
Tombigbee National Forest is a few minutes north of Louisville. Image credit US Forest Service via Creative Commons

Louisville is home to just over 6,000 inhabitants but is always ready to offer its visitors an authentic slice of small-town US. In the seat of Winston County, tourists to Louisville can expect to find a variety of quaint shopping outlets, tasty local restaurants, and other unique historical sites. Stop by the historic Strand Theatre (1918), a performing arts venue that was originally a movie theatre, or spend an afternoon at the Big Red Fire Museum and its collection of antique fire trucks and vintage equipment. Spending, any time along the banks of Lake Tiak-O’Khata is always a great opportunity to experience the unique natural beauty of the southern United States.

The state of Mississippi is a land filled with great natural beauty, fascinating history, and naturally plenty of the famed southern charm. Outside of its major cities however, the Magnolia State's towns are wonderful examples of why this is a definite place to visit for anyone traveling through the American South. From encounters with nature to first-hand experiences with unique 19th-century history, these Mississippi towns will make for a memorable and enjoyable trip.

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