The 10 Longest Rivers in Mississippi

The Pearl River in Mississippi.
The Pearl River in Mississippi.

Mississippi is an American state, covering a total area of about 48,430 square kilometers. This state has numerous rivers either flowing through it or found entirely here. Below is a brief description of the significant rivers located in Mississippi.

Longest Rivers In Mississippi

Mississippi River - 2,320 miles

The second longest river in North America, the Mississippi River is the longest river that passes through Mississippi. The Mississippi River is entirely located in the United States although part of the drainage system of this river extends to Canada. The primary source of this river is Lake Itasca, which is situated in the northern parts of Minnesota. The Mississippi River is ranked as the fourth-longest river in the entire world and also the fifteen-largest in the globe in terms of water discharge. Some of the states that this river passes through or borders include Minnesota, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The Mississippi River is a famous river in the United States as it powers a significant segment of the Midwest economy and it is also used for recreational purposes. This river also provides migration pathways for both birds and fish.

Tennessee River - 652 miles

This river is located in the southeastern United States. It was initially referred to as the Cherokee River because a majority of the Cherokee indigenous people had their territory along the banks of this river. The Tennessee River measures approximately 652 miles long, and it is the most significant tributary of River Ohio. This river has been of great significance as it has been used to create dams such as the Kentucky dam among other barriers. Through the construction of these dams, the Tennessee River has been ranked as one of the world’s greatest hydro power and irrigation systems.

Pearl River - 444 miles

The Pearl River measures approximately 44 miles long; it is the longest river found entirely within the state of Mississippi. The Pearl River is formed via the confluence of Nanih Waiya and Nanih Waiya Tallahaga rivers. The Pearl River is of great importance to the state of Mississippi as it provides water for the Savanna Street Sewage Treatment plant that is sited in the state of Mississippi.

Big Black River - 330 miles

The Big Black River is a tributary to the Mississippi River. The river measures around 330 miles long, making it the second longest river entirely in Mississippi after the Pearl River. It has a very large drainage basin. The area around the basin of this river is mostly used for cattle ranching and farming.

Hatchie River - 238 miles

This river runs through two states: Mississippi and Tennessee. The Hatchie River is of great significance geographically and culturally since it is the only main river found in West Tennessee that has never been modified or channelized by human activities.

Other Major Rivers In Mississippi

The rivers discussed above do not summarize all the rivers in Mississippi. This state hosts other rivers such as the Chickasawhay River, Tombigbee River, Yazoo River, Leaf River and the Yalobusha River.

The 10 Longest Rivers in Mississippi

RankRiverLength (miles)Length (km)
1Mississippi River 2,3203,730
2Tennessee River 6521,049
3Pearl River 444715
4Big Black River330530
5Hatchie River 238383
6Chickasawhay River 210340
7Tombigbee River200320
8Yazoo River 188303
9Leaf River 180290
10Yalobusha River 165266

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