July 4th celebration in Covington, Georgia, USA, with festive events and activities. Editorial credit: Georges_Creations / Shutterstock.com

9 Picture-Perfect Towns in Georgia

Georgia is one of the most charming of the southern States, always bringing to mind trees covered in drapes of moss and the luscious Georgia peach, the State's official symbol. The small towns that make Georgia what it is all offer something unique and appealing either in the form of perfectly preserved antebellum era architecture to outdoor attractions highlighting some of the southern United State's best flora and fauna. Everywhere you look in the State of Georgia, there is something appealing to see. Here is a list of 9 Picture-Perfect Towns in Georgia. 


Shops and bars along College Avenue in downtown Athens, Georgia.
Shops and bars along College Avenue in downtown Athens, Georgia. Image credit Sean Pavone via Shutterstock

Athens, Georgia is known for its artistic flare and charm, enjoying a lively music scene in the evening hours and offering a variety of shops and galleries in the daytime. Variety, in fact, is what makes Athens such a uniquely picture-perfect town as it consists of several neighborhoods, and each have their own distinctive personality. Neighborhoods such as the Five Points locale enjoys a retro vibe with 1920s era feel, offering spas, a soap shop, and great dining options, while the Prince Avenue neighborhood is considered to have more of a hipster atmosphere with several bars and lounges to grab a cold one while taking in the sites.

The jewel in Athens’ crown, however, is the State of Georgia’s Botanical Gardens, which calls Athens home. Designed to uplift and engage visitors, these gardens are created to educate patrons about the natural environment and flora and fauna of Southern Georgia, bringing attention to some of the best in horticulture in the region. Some of the gardens featured here are the Alice Richards Children’s Garden, the Shade and Native Flora Garden, and the Tropical Herb and Physic Garden. Another natural attraction is the Sandy Creek Nature Center, consisting of 225 acres of woodland and wetlands and 4 miles of trails. Inside the center features live reptiles, salt and fresh-water aquariums and a resource library.


Aerial view of Madison, Georgia.
Aerial view of Madison, Georgia.

Madison, Georgia is recognized as one of the most beautiful towns to visit in the entire world, making it an ideally picture-perfect location. This highly acclaimed region is a shopper’s paradise as well, offering 45 specialty shops and over 160 antique dealers, visitors will be delighted with the variety and selection, but that is not all. Madison also features Antebellum and Victorian homes which are beautifully appointed and lovingly preserved, representing prime examples of their era’s architecture. Self-guided walking tours have been designed to lead visitors through historical districts, featuring mile after mile of significant homes and buildings. Some of the sites that will be on view for during the self-guided tour are the Round Bowl Spring Park, the Madison Historic Cemeteries, the Morgan County African American Museum, and the Magnolia House and Presbyterian Church, to name a few.

The Brady Inn is a bed and breakfast in the town of Madison that carries on the tradition of attractiveness. This bungalow-style property is designed to give privacy to its guests within luxurious accommodation, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle within a romantic and relaxing environment.


These storefronts were built in the 1890s along East Public Square in downtown Washington, Georgia's Commercial Historic District.
These storefronts were built in the 1890s along East Public Square in downtown Washington, Georgia's Commercial Historic District. By TampAGS, for AGS Media - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

If a good chat on a lovely wrap around porch is your idea of a picture-perfect experience, Washington, Georgia is the place to be. This small town is one of the first in the entire country to be named after President George Washington and it enjoys a reputation of being a warmly welcoming place with a neighbourly appeal. The locals take great pride in their town and offer tours of over fifty historic homes, regularly given by Miss Fanny Tours, operated by a fifth-generation member of the Washington family. This region is also home to the Robert Toombs House, a designated State Historic Site and former home of this prominent political figure, as well as the Washington Historical Museum. The Toombs House is open to the public for tours and features a museum as well.

A stay in Washington’s Fitzpatrick Hotel provides memorable splendor in the form of a fully restored 17-room, historic hotel. Built in 1898 and restored in 2004, each room’s original features have been preserved as much as possible to provide a true reflection of the original build, and every room enjoys its own private bath as well. The town’s relaxed atmosphere as well as the elegant accommodations make Washington one of the State’s picture-perfect towns.


 Dining alfresco on a warm autumn afternoon on the sidewalk in front of Capers, located in the historic public square of Dahlonega, Georgia.
 Dining alfresco on a warm autumn afternoon on the sidewalk in front of Capers, located in the historic public square of Dahlonega, Georgia. Editorial credit: Jen Wolf / Shutterstock.com

Located within the Appalachian Mountain region, Dahlonega, Georgia is reputed to be a region well-versed in both the healing as well as culinary arts, therefore it is no surprise that the town offers a variety of dining experiences, as well as seasonal festivals and lots of places to enjoy a little retail therapy. A vibrant downtown core is all the more enjoyable for its brick-lined sidewalks. There is also plenty of fun to be had in the great outdoors as Dahlonega also offers nature trails, vineyards, and nature preserves for all to enjoy. The Dahlonega Butterfly Farm is a prime example of the ways in which visitors can unwind as they interact with the natural world. This farm’s focus is on preserving the biodiversity of the region’s environment through interactive programs that assist visitors in understanding the natural world around them. It also concentrates on creating sustainable environments for the variety of butterflies in their care. For a different change of pace, however, the Grison Gold Mine is an open pit mine that offers guests a chance to interact with mining machinery while processing ore in search for gold. They also offer the opportunity to grub for gemstones, giving visitors a real chance at going home with a little treasure in their pockets. Dahlonega also enjoys proximity to the Chattahoochee National Forest.


Aerial view of Brunswick, Georgia.
Aerial view of Brunswick, Georgia.

Brunswick, Georgia is an historic port city with a rich heritage in the seafood industry amidst the region’s Golden Isles, making it one of the State’s picture-perfect towns. The locals offer charters aboard their fishing and shrimp boats, giving guests an opportunity to experience everyday life for a small-town fisherman. Brunswick’s Landing Marina, however, steals the show as the location to be. This award-winning marina offers full amenities for all who are passing through the region by boat. Brunswick is also home to the Emerald Princess II Casino, a cruising vessel that welcomes guest to test their luck at roulette, slots, and Blackjack to name a few. The Emerald Princess II features a dining room, bistro deck, and an open-air observation deck (guests must be 21 years or older to come aboard). Brunswick’s historic Ritz Theatre, originally established in 1899 as the Grand Opera House, welcomes visitors to enjoy its architectural splendor. This popular venue offers year-round live performances, exhibits, and films.

The highly acclaimed, top-rated Brunswick Manor is the cherry on top of the cake that comprises the town of Brunswick, however, featuring Corinthian columns, a veranda, and a grand front door. Guests will be wowed by the grand oaks on the property that are dripping the iconic Spanish moss, as well as the orchid conservatory and koi ponds featured on the manor’s grounds. The Inn features masterfully preserved woodwork and precious antiques amidst a setting of luxuriously appointed rooms.


Clock tower in Thomasville, Georgia.
Clock tower in Thomasville, Georgia. Image credit Roberto via stock.adobe.com

Thomasville, Georgia is home to one of the oldest Oak trees in the country. Officially known as The Big Oak, this cherished oak tree was planted in 1685 and is now over 330 years old. It measures over 26 feet in circumference and its branches reach a span of 165 feet. People come from all over the world to have their photo taken with this most beloved natural wonder, making Thomasville a picture-perfect town for sure. Celebrating the bird life in the region, the Bird Song Nature Center is a conservation center offering a living museum experience with 12 miles of trials highlighting the wildlife and natural splendor of southwest Georgia. It also consists of wildflower meadows, forests, ponds and swamps. Throughout the trail system visitors will find places to observe the wildlife within a tranquil environment. The Center prides itself on providing a intimate and peaceful bird-viewing experience.

Thomasville was once known for its quail hunting in former days but the town has shifted the focus to be a more quail-friendly endeavour. To commemorate this heritage, visitors can now participate in the Hunt for the Lost Quail, which is a scavenger hunt designed by the locals to celebrate the region’s history of quail hunting plantations. The scavenger hunt is focused on guiding participants throughout the town, on a hunt for 18 bronze quail sculptures, making it the only town on the list where it is highly likely visitors will experience a quail sighting. 


The Courthouse in Covington, Georgia, USA.
The Courthouse in Covington, Georgia, USA. Editorial credit: Georges_Creations / Shutterstock.com

Celebrated as the Hollywood of the South, Covington, Georgia is a place where many beloved television shows and movies have been filmed. Known for its small-town appeal, Covington offers access to big city attractions. For starters, a stroll through the self-guided Walk of the Stars will make visitors feel like they are in the real Hollywood as they encounter pavers highlighting television shows and movies that have filmed their productions at this location. Covington as a filming location. In keeping with the entertainment industries footprint on the community, Covington also offers Ghost Tours in the evening hours, guiding patrons through spooky locations where iconic shows like Dukes of Hazard and In the Heat of the Night were filmed, and are reportedly now haunted. Covington also offers many fine examples of a variety of architectural styles such as 1800s Antebellum, Victorian, and 1920s Arts and Crafts eras. A self-guided tour through the downtown core will give visitors plenty of opportunity to take in these sites as well as many others including the Covington Clock Tower.

A restful stay at the 12 Oaks Bed and Breakfast will provide a respite from a busy day in accommodations considered to be one of the most attractive examples of Antebellum architecture in the south and it is, in fact, one of the homes featured in the much-loved Civil War era film Gone With the Wind. The 12 Oaks has also been featured in numerous books and publications, making this one of Georgia’s most picture-perfect towns. 


Downtown Americus, Georgia.
Downtown Americus, Georgia.

Americus, Georgia, prides itself on a town that is centered around education–being the home base of Georgia’s Southwestern University as well as the Georgia Technical College, it is easy to see why. This picture-perfect small town also offers historical architecture as well as Five-Star cuisine. Its charming small-town flavor lends itself to a welcoming atmosphere made even better by enjoying a wine slushie at the local Wolf Creek Vineyard and Winery. The winery has a unique tale of origin as it was formally a golf course that was eventually abandoned. The owners of the winery saw an opportunity to turn the location into something brand new and the winery eventually took shape, originally offering several types of wines, it now boasts of over 9 varieties.

The Koinonia Farm is a unique attraction in Americus as well. Founded in 1942, it started to gain popularity as a community farm built on Christian values. Amidst many upheavals, the farm stood the test of time and became a tale of success through the establishment of its mail-order business and continues to thrive despites many attempts to shut it down over its lifetime. Some of the products available in their online shop include Nabali Tree olive oil, fresh grown pecans, as well as varieties of homemade fudge.


Fayetteville, Georgia on Lake Horton
Fayetteville, Georgia on Lake Horton

Fayetteville, Georgia is the place to be when it comes to family. Kids of all ages will enjoy a trip to the Fun Spot Amusement Park where a large variety of family-oriented games are on offer as well as amusement park rides including roller coasters, a giant slide, bumper cars, go-karts, and a Ferris wheel. Another exciting attraction to enjoy after a day at the park is the Fayetteville Amphitheatre, an outdoor venue offering concerts, festivals, and other events in the great outdoors, providing a magical night of entertainment under the stars. For those who enjoy a little history, a visit to the Starr’s Mill Park will give visitors an opportunity to view a restored water mill and dam on a site consisting of 16 acres of land where a cotton gin and dynamo also once stood. The park provides free parking, a picnic area, and an opportunity to relax while fishing in the lake.

An enjoyable stay awaits visitors at the Pleasant Courtyard Bed and Breakfast, consisting of an 8,000 square foot Victorian era house, guests are generously provided with fine linens in well-appointed rooms. A hearty breakfast awaits in the morning and guests are welcomed to enjoy their day exploring the 19 acres grounds tucked within a calm and inviting rural setting, making Fayetteville last but not least on the list of the most picture-perfect towns in the beautiful State of Georgia.

The State of Georgia celebrates its warm weather and variety of vibrant communities with open arms. Visitors are provided with a wide range of things to do while visiting this picturesque State unlike any other. Whether spending the evening with Lady Luck aboard the Emerald Princess II Casino cruise ship in the town of Brunswick while sailing the Golden Isels, tasting a wine slushy produced with locally grown grapes at the Wolf Creek Vineyard in Americus, or stepping inside a mansion featured in the film Gone With the Wind in the town of Covington, Georgia is a State that thrives on activities and locations that hightlight its natural beauty, making it a picture-perfect State. 

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