Downtown Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Formally referred to as Athens-Clarke County, Athens is a consolidated city-county situated in the northeastern part of the US State of Georgia. Athens is situated approximately 110km northeast of the state capital Atlanta. Athens is Georgia's sixth-largest city and the chief city of the Athens Metropolitan Area. The city is mainly dominated by Georgia's flagship university - The University of Georgia, and a popular music scene that is centered in the city's downtown.

Geography And Climate Of Athens

Aerial view of Athens, Georgia
Aerial view of Athens, Georgia. 

Athens covers a total area of 305.87 sq. km, of which 301.29 sq. km is occupied by land, and 4.58 sq. km is covered by water. The city is situated on a series of irregular hills which are unique to the Piedmont region. 

Athens experiences a humid subtropical climate, with warm summers and cool winters. The city is sometimes vulnerable to tornadoes. The average monthly temperature varies from 27°C in July to 6.4°C in January. The city receives consistent high precipitation averaging 1,180mm annually. The city also receives an average snowfall of 2.9 inches during winter. 

History Of Athens

Robert E Park Hall at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia
Robert E. Park Hall at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Editorial credit: Bryan Pollard /

The site that is now Athens was previously a trading town called Cedar Shoals. After the British victory over the Creek Native Americans in the Oconee War in 1801, the area was incorporated into Georgia proper. The area grew and was renamed Athens. The community that became Athens was centered around a state-sponsored university, the University of Georgia, and the name Athens was inspired by the educational heritage of the Greek city, after which it was named. During the 19th century, the city grew with cotton mills at its economic center. One of the earliest railroads in the United States was started in Athens. The city grew in the 1880s as it tried to reform its economy with the abolishment of slavery and the industrial growth of the United States as the south attempted to catch up to the north. Athens was witness to the first two black students entering the University of Georgia in 1961 after segregation was outlawed.

The Population And Economy Of Athens

View of downtown Athens, Georgia
View of downtown Athens, Georgia. Editorial credit: EQRoy /

Athens has a population of 127,000 residents as per the latest US Census. Approximately 55 percent of that population is white, and 24 percent black. There is also an 11 percent Hispanic and a 3 percent Asian population. The mixed-race population is about 4 percent, and the remainder comprises various ethnic groups, such as Pacific Islanders and Native Americans. Only 31 percent of Athens is religious, and 6.1 percent of those people adhere to the Baptist tradition. Approximately 10 percent adhere to the Methodist tradition, and 7 percent adhere to Catholicism. The rest of the religious inhabitants are adherents of various non-Christian faiths, such as Islam, Judaism, and Eastern religions. The economy of Athens finds its strong suit in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Tourism is also a significant player in the region. There is also a thriving music scene in Athens that brings many creative people as well as music enthusiasts to the city.

Attractions In Athens

Aerial view of Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia
Aerial view of Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia. Editorial credit: Grindstone Media Group /

There are a myriad of attractions in Athens. The city's crown jewel is the Sanford Stadium, which hosts the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team, one of the most prestigious sports teams in America. The Stegeman Coliseum hosts the Bulldogs basketball teams, which are also fairly popular.

Georgia Museum Of Art in Athens, Georgia
Georgia Museum Of Art in Athens, Georgia. Editorial credit: ESB Professional /

One can visit the tree that owns itself, a legendary tree that supposedly has full legal custody over itself. One can see wonderful wildlife at the Bear Hollow Zoo, or can visit the Georgia Museum of Art and take a look at the amazing artistic displays. One can also visit one of the most notable breweries in Athens and find some refreshment at Creature Comforts Brewing Company; and can also enjoy music and performances at the Georgia Theatre.

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