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What Are the Largest Islands in Denmark?

With an area of 7,031 square km, Zealand is the largest island of Denmark.

Denmark is a sovereign country in Northern Europe. The country has a population of 5.75 million residents and occupies an area of 16,570 square miles. Denmark's territory includes the Jutland Peninsula and a collection of 443 islands. Only 76 islands of these 443 Islands are inhabited. The largest island in Denmark is Zealand. Other large islands include North Jutlandic Island, Funen, and Lolland.

Denmark's Largest Islands

1. Zealand

Zealand is Denmark’s largest and most populated island. It occupies an area of 2,715 square miles and has a population of 2.3 million people. Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, is located on Zealand. The city is home to 1.2 million residents, which is half of Zealand’s population. The island is endowed with rich fertile soil suitable for farming. Primary economic activities on Zealand include dairy farming, tourism, and fishing. Zealand’s northern region has vast forests and excellent sandy beaches along the coast. The area has been a favorite place for royals, and several ancient castles still remain on the island.

2. North Jutlandic Island

North Jutlandic Island is Denmark’s second largest island. It is also Denmark’s northernmost part and is comprised of three main regions: Hanherred, Thy, and Vendsyssel. The island covers an area of 1,809 square miles and is home to more than 296,000 residents. The island has a flat terrain, except for the eastern region, which is slightly hilly. North Jutlandic Island has breathtaking white sandy beaches and is popular with local and international tourists. Visitors can access the island by plane through the Billund Airport or by car through the state border with Germany.

3. Funen

Funen is the third largest island in Denmark. The island is situated in Denmark's southern region, occupies an area of 1,197 square miles, and has a population of more than 466,000 people. The Great Belt Bridge connects Funen to Zealand, Denmark's largest island. Funen is linked to Jutland Island by the Old Little Belt Bridge, as well as the New Little Belt Bridge. Odense is the island's main city. The island has fertile soil that supports farming. Manufacturing and agriculture are the main economic activities on the island.

4. Lolland

Lolland is Denmark's fourth largest island. Lolland is fondly referred to as the "Pancake Island" due to its flat terrain. It is located in the lower region of Denmark. The island covers an area of 480 square miles and has a population of approximately 62,000 residents. The island's largest town is Nakskov, which has a population of roughly 13,800 people. During World War II, Lolland was an essential communication route for Nazi Germany. The island is a major producer of sugar and has vast sugar beet farms. Lolland is linked to neighboring Germany by railroad. A tunnel and highway system that runs through Lolland connects Copenhagen (Denmark) to Hamburg (Germany). The island has numerous tourist attractions, such as the Fuglsang Manor, constructed in 1868, and the open air Museum, Middelaldercentret.

Significance of Denmark's Islands

The islands that make up Denmark contribute to the nation's well-being. Some of the islands, such as Funen, are major producers of agricultural products that are important to Denmark's economy. Denmark benefits from the thriving tourism industry on its islands. Most islands boast spectacular sandy beaches, which are popular tourist attractions and contribute to the country's economy.

What is the Largest Island in Denmark?

With an area of 7,031 square km, Zealand is the largest island of Denmark.

What Are the Largest Islands in Denmark by Size?

RankIsland’s nameArea km2Location
1Zealand7,031Baltic Sea / Kattegat / Øresund / Great Belt
2North Jutlandic Island (Vendsyssel-Thy)4,685North Sea / Kattegat / Skagerrak / Limfjord
3Funen2,985Great Belt / Little Belt / Kattegat / South Funen Archipelago
4Lolland1,243Baltic Sea / Smålandsfarvandet / Storstrømmen
5Bornholm588Baltic Sea
6Falster514Baltic Sea / Storstrømmen
8Als312Little Belt
9Langeland284Great Belt
10Møn218Baltic Sea
11Rømø129Wadden Sea, North Sea
15Ærø88South Funen Archipelago
16Tåsinge70South Funen Archipelago
17Fanø56Wadden Sea, North Sea
28Mandø7.6Wadden Sea, North Sea
29Thurø7.5South Funen Archipelago
30Alrø7.5Horsens Fjord
31Agersø7.0Great Belt
33Bågø6.2Little Belt
34Lyø6.0South Funen Archipelago
36Avernakø5.9South Funen Archipelago
37Årø5.7Little Belt
39Gavnø5.5Great Belt
40Strynø4.9South Funen Archipelago
41Nyord4.8Baltic Sea
42Omø4.5Great Belt
43Drejø4.3South Funen Archipelago
44Fænø3.9Little Belt
52Barsø2.50Little Belt
53Nekselø2.20Kattegat (Sejerøbugten)
54Brandsø2.00Little Belt
55Skarø1.97South Funen Archipelago
59Bjørnø1.50South Funen Archipelago
60Sprogø1.50Great Belt
61Eskilsø1.39Roskilde Fjord
63Vigelsø1.32Odense Fjord
64Siø1.31South Funen Archipelago
67Romsø1.09Great Belt
69Enehøje1.04Nakskov Fjord
70Langli1.00Wadden Sea, North Sea
72Birkholm0.92South Funen Archipelago
73Hjortø0.90South Funen Archipelago
74Illumø0.90South Funen Archipelago (Helnæsbugten)
78Store Egholm0.70South Funen Archipelago
80Vorsø0.6Horsens Fjord
81Halmø0.50South Funen Archipelago
82Strynø Kalv0.50South Funen Archipelago (Helnæsbugten )
83Fjendø0.40Nissum Fjord
84Vejlø0.37Nakskov Fjord
85Mejlø0.34Kattegat / Great Belt
86Draget0.28Kattegat (off Bogense)
87Store Svelmø0.27South Funen Archipelago
88Christiansø0.25Baltic Sea
89Kalvø, Guldborgsund0.22Baltic Sea (Guldborgsund)
91Tornø0.21Odense Fjord
92Græsholm, Hirsholmene0.21Kattegat
93Vigø0.20South Funen Archipelago (Helnæsbugten)
94Slotø0.20Nakskov Fjord
95Hjælmshoved0.20South Funen Archipelago
96Kalvø, Germer Bugt0.17Little Belt


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