What Are the Most Populated Islands of Denmark?

Copenhagen is located on two of Denmark's most populated islands.
Copenhagen is located on two of Denmark's most populated islands.

The Scandinavian country of Denmark has 406 islands excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands, both of which are autonomous countries governed by the Kingdom of Denmark. Only 76 of Denmark's 406 islands are populated, and the remainder are largely uninhabited. Here is a list of the most populous islands of Denmark:

1. Zealand

Zealand is the largest island in Denmark in terms of both size and population. The island occupies an area of 7,031 square km and houses a population of about 2,208,348 people, which accounts for 39% of the national population. Zealand is the world’s 35th most populated island and it has a population density of 354.3 persons per square km. The capital of the country, Copenhagen, lies primarily on Zealand island and the rest of the city is located on Amager island.

2. Funen

Funen is the second most populous island of Denmark. The island occupies an area of 3,099.7 square km and has a population of about 456,128. The island is centrally located and Odense is its main city.

3. North Jutlandic Island

The third most populated island of Denmark, the North Jutlandic Island, has a population of 297,886. Although the Limfjord separates the North Jutlandic Island from mainland Jutland, the island is traditionally regarded to be part of Jutland. The North Jutlandic Island is Denmark’s second biggest island by area, if the autonomous territory of Greenland is excluded.

4. Amager

Amager is the fourth most populated and the most densely populated island of Denmark. The island has a population of 180,657 people within an area of 95.3 square km. Part of Copenhagen, the capital of the country, is located on this island. A total of 8 bridges and a tunnel connect Amager with Zealand.

5. Lolland

Lolland is the fifth most populous and the fourth biggest island in Denmark. Lolland encompasses an area of 1,243 square km and has a population of 62,578. The highly flat terrain gives Lolland the nickname "pancake island.” The island served as an important communication route during World War II. The sugar industry thrives on this island. Nakskov is Lolland's biggest town.

Which Are the Most Populated Islands of Denmark?

RankIsland NamePopulation (2013)Location
1Zealand2,208,348Baltic Sea / Kattegat / Øresund / Great Belt
2Funen456,128Great Belt / Little Belt / Kattegat / South Funen Archipelago
3North Jutlandic Island (Vendsyssel-Thy)297886North Sea / Kattegat / Skagerrak / Limfjord
5Lolland62,578Baltic Sea / Smålandsfarvandet / Storstrømmen
6Als50,682Little Belt
7Falster42,544Baltic Sea / Storstrømmen
8Bornholm40,715Baltic Sea
10Langeland12,644Great Belt
11Møn9,580Baltic Sea
12Ærø6,516South Funen Archipelago
13Tåsinge6,174South Funen Archipelago
15Thurø3,595South Funen Archipelago
16Fanø3,237Wadden Sea, North Sea

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