Top Watermelon Producing Countries In The World

China leads the world in the production of watermelon followed by Iran and Turkey.

Watermelon is not only made up of water and sugar but it is also a nutrient based food as it contains high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also contains niacin, thiamin, vitamin B-6, zinc, magnesium and many more nutrients that are good for one’s health. There are many health benefits of Watermelon as it is low in calories so it promotes phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants essential for the optimization of health. It also helps in the prevention of Asthma as it possess high amount of nutrients. Because of its healthy fiber and water content, it helps in prevention of constipation and there are many more benefits of the fruit.

Cultivating Watermelons and Production in Leading Countries

Watermelons are usually cultivated out hybrid varieties of seeds. They need rich, deep, and friable soils and, as they have shallow roots, they need less in the way of moisture. The slugs and other chomping critters dine on mulch which can be sourced from animal manure or the compost help in keeping the weeds down as it could disturb the shallow roots. The farmers also prevent the rotting of fruit by putting some straw or cardboard between the soil and fruit. There are many varieties of Watermelon including the Sugar baby, Sangria, Starlight, Jubilee, Starbrite, and many more. China is on the top spot in Watermelon production as it produces 72943838 metric tons annually, followed by Iran which produces 3947057 metric tons. Meanwhile, Turkey is in the third spot with 3887324 metric tons.


In China, the Watermelon is produced in the Gansu province, which is favorable for its cultivation. The fruit produced here is of excellent quality because of the special type of climate of the region. The area has maximum sunlight and the precipitation in the area is minimal at 40-538 millimeters in the most important production areas. In the season of watermelon, the temperature ranges from 12 to 16 Degrees Celsius. The cultivation technology used in the area is sowing into the open field. In other areas, tunnel production and seedling transplanting are used in production.


In Iran, Watermelon is produced in the Hamadan province, and the production covers nearly 1.2% of total area of this particular province. The energy usage in the production was direct and indirect and the farmers use renewable and non-renewable energy. The seeding, chemical fertilizers, modern technology, and spraying are used for its production.


In Turkey, the fruit is produced in the Antalya’s Manavgat District where the yield is reported to be increased by 27,000 metric tons. Moreover, the district produces considerable amount so Watermelon festival is held there. The fruit also has an important place in the country from economical point of view as 10% of total production comes from Turkey.

Import and Export Channels for Watermelon

The exports from top countries are directed to such countries as Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, and Nepal. Other importing countries are Netherlands, Germany, Maldives, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. In the year of 2005, it was reported that 2.2 million metric tons of watermelon were exported and 2.0 million metric tons were imported into this lucrative fruit market.

Top Watermelon Producing Countries In The World

RankCountryWatermelon Production (in tonnes)
6United States of America17,71,734.00
9Russian Federation14,19,953.00

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