Top Aircraft, Space Craft, And Aeronautics Parts Export Countries

Per International Trade Centre data, the birthplace of aviation still dominates the aerospace industry in terms of export value added.

The International Trade Centre recently published its annual figures on the top countries exporting aircraft and spacecraft. The total value of aerospace exports by all countries in 2014 reached $319.5 billion USD. In the list of the top exporting countries, India was the fastest-growing exporter of aircraft and spacecraft. China came in second in growth, with Japan trailing, and the United States behind Japan in growth. Two countries, however, have not fared so well in recent years. Declining sales in the aerospace sector were seen in Brazil and Israel. The aerospace industry is a high-tech manufacturing industry that exports guided missiles, aircraft, spacecraft, propulsion units, aircraft engines, and similar products.

10. Japan ($5.2 Billion USD)

Japan had exported about $5.2 Billion USD worth of aerospace products in 2014. That figure showed an increase of 1.7% in value in the international trade of aerospace exports from Japan that year. The aerospace industry in Japan is the fastest growing sector in its overall trade exports in 2014, which was up by 59.6%. Although the Japanese aerospace industry is still comparatively small relative to its other high-tech and automobile sectors, it has proven itself in aircraft and space vehicles manufacturing nonetheless. Japanese companies are currently involved in the Boeing 787 program, supplying about 35% of the 787's structures and systems.

9. Spain ($5.3 Billion USD)

Spain exported $5.3 Billion USD worth of aerospace products in 2014. That figure shows a 1.6% increase for 2014 in the aircraft and spacecraft manufacture sector's exports. Spain's surplus value for its aerospace exports in 2014 were $2.7 billion USD, equivalent to an increase of 9.6%. Spain's Airbus group's revenues make up 64% of the country's revenues in the aerospace industry. The Airbus Group has allowed Spain's entry into other major European aerospace programs as well. Some of its innovations include carbon fiber aeronautic parts and structures.

8. Singapore ($5.8 Billion USD)

Singapore exported aerospace products worth $5.8 Billion USD in 2014. Its aircraft and spacecraft manufacture exports were up by 12% since 1990. The country's aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing exports were up by 1.8% in 2014. Singapore has proven its aerospace manufacturing capabilities to be proficient in precision engineering and electronics. Its international airshows have been hotbeds of deals for its aerospace manufacture industry, such as those transactions involving engine gear, valves, and galley equipment. It also has one of the most advanced facilities purposed for the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of aircraft in all of Asia.

7. Italy ($6.3 Billion USD)

Italy exported about $6.3 Billion USD in aerospace products' exports in 2014. Italy's aircraft and spacecraft products exports in 2014 were up by only 2%. The surplus value for exports was $3.8 billion USD in 2014 were up by 45.8%. Italy's aerospace industry is a major manufacturing sector of aircraft, motors, propellers, satellites, and on-board control systems. It has five large international aerospace companies, and these produce a yearly yield of 2.6 billion Euros. Finmeccanica is among the major Italian aerospace companies.

6. India ($6.7 Billion USD)

India earned some $6.7 Billion USD in its aerospace product exports in 2015. Annual aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing exports in India were up by 191.9% since 2010. Surplus values for 2014 in the aerospace exports sector was $3.8 billion USD, up by 574.1%. in 2014. India is also working with several countries in the transfer of aerospace technology into the country. The success of the aircraft manufacturing industry in India focuses on parts and smaller aircraft production. The country has significant production outputs in civil, military, and space aviation alike. India has been a partner with Honeywell Aerospace for 40 years now, and together they have made leaps and bounds.

5. Canada ($12.3 Billion USD)

Canada earned a total of $12.3 Billion USD in its aerospace product exports in 2015. Aircraft and spacecraft manufacture export was the second in terms of largest improvement, up by 25.7%, among the overall export sectors of Canada in 2015. The Canadian aerospace industry dedicates 20% of its investments in research and development. Canadian aerospace industry manufacturers' outputs are about 60% supply chain related. Canadian aerospace manufacturer firms are producing parts and structures for the civil, defense, and the space programs. Canada is well-known for its aircraft landing gear markets.

4. United Kingdom ($18.9 Billion USD)

The United Kingdom's total amount earned by its aerospace product exports is today around $18.9 Billion USD annually. The aerospace sector of aircraft and spacecraft industries exports was the fastest growing there in 2015. These made up 4.1% of overall exports from the United Kingdom. Figures show that the aerospace manufacturing industry exports there were up by 18.2% from 2011 to 2015. The main advantage of the United Kingdom aerospace industry is its high-tech engineering and services industries. Its expertise are most pronounced in landing gear, mechanical, fuel, electrical power, and avionics. Rolls Royce is not only a British luxury automobile manufacturer, but a major aerospace company as well.

3. Germany ($43.7 Billion USD)

Germany registered a total amount of about $43.7 Billion USD worth of aerospace exports in 2015. The aircraft and spacecraft product exports were second in terms of improvement in export sales, and the sector accounted for 2.9% of the overall exports from Germany in 2014. Aircraft and spacecraft export sales increased by $15.4 billion USD in 2014, up by 246.9%. Germany counts itself as one of Europe's leading manufacturers, and as one having an extensive R&D infrastructure. It aeronautics industry provides service and products for the civil, space, and defense sectors in aviation.

2. France ($54.0 Billion USD)

France exported about $54.0 Billion USD worth of aerospace products in 2015. France's aircraft and spacecraft industries were the second highest dollar earning value sector, comprising 10.7% of total French global exports in 2015. Figures show that among all French exports, the aerospace industry was the only product sector to show an increase in value added. France has a strong advantage over several other countries in this category due to Research and Development (R & D) access. "Aerospace Valley" in southwest France around Toulouse is a hub for aerospace engineering, with research facilities that include aviation schools, aerospace research laboratories, and an experimental center for aircraft disassembly. Airbus and Safran are among the leading French aerospace companies.

1. USA ($131.1 Billion USD)

The United States exported about $131.1 Billion USD on aerospace products in 2015. The aircraft and spacecraft industries remain the fastest growing industry in the US today, and constitute the third highest export sector at 8.7% of the overall exports of the United States. These include aircraft launching gear and deck-arresting landing equipment. The United States has the largest aerospace industry in the world today, and this supports the production of high-tech products and services for civil, space, and defense air programs alike. In the United States, the biggest customers are the Department of Defense and NASA. On the other side of the equation, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and General Electric are all major American aerospace production companies.

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