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The World's Most Densely Populated Cities

Manila, Mumbai, and Dhaka are among the world's most densely populated major cities.

Population density refers to the average number of individuals living per square kilometer or square mile. The world’s total area is approximately 197,000,000 sq miles, and the Earth’s population is about 7.5 billion. This means that the population density of the world is around 38 people per sq mile or 14.7 individuals per sq kilometer. The population density of cities around the world varies greatly. The most densely populated city in the world is Manila in the Philippines, where 41,515 people live in each square kilometer.

The World's Most Densely Populated Cities

Manila - 41,515 People/Sq Km

Manila is the earth’s most densely populated city and the capital city of the Philippines. Manila has about 1,780,148 residents. The city has a population density of about 41,515 people per square kilometer. It is the first chartered city in the country that gained autonomy on June 18, 1949. Miguel Legazpi founded the city of Manila on June 24, 1571. Manila is the most populous city in the Philippines and one of the most populated ones in Southeast Asia.

Mumbai - 28,508/Sq Km

Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra, India, and a large city with over 12,478,447 residents. The population density of Mumbai is about 28,508 individuals per square kilometer. The Mumbai Metropolitan region, which is made up of Mumbai and numerous satellite towns, is the second most populous Indian metropolitan area. The city has the highest number of billionaires and millionaires in India.

Dhaka - 28,410/Sq Km

Dhaka is the largest and capital city of Bangladesh with a population of about 8,523,137 people. It is the most densely populated city in Bangladesh with about 28,410 people living in a square kilometer. It is the cultural, economic and political center of the country. Dhaka is the biggest city among the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries and in Eastern South Asia. Dhaka has one of the highest growth rates in Asia of about 4.2%. The ongoing migration from the rural areas to the city accounts for over 60% of the population growth.

Caloocan - 27,916/Sq Km

Caloocan is a first-class urbanized city in the Metro-Manila region of Philippines. Caloocan is the fourth most populous city in the country with over 1,583,978 residents. It is ranked second in the Philippines with a population density of about 27,916 individuals per square kilometer. The city is divided into two geographical regions with Caloocan north having over 998,887 residents and Caloocan South having over 585,091 people.

Chennai - 25,854/Sq Km

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu which is on the Coromandel Coast of India. It is the biggest educational, economic and cultural center in South India. Chennai has a population density of about 25,854 individuals per square kilometer. It is one of the most visited cities in India which attracts over 45% of the health tourists coming to India.

The Most Densely Populated Countries

Asia is the most populous continent on earth with a population density of about 257.8 individuals per square miles. Nine out of the ten of the world’s densely populated cities are in Asia. Many of the world's most densely populated countries are also in Asia. Europe ranks second with Paris being the only European city ranking among the top ten most densely populated cities on earth. Africa has a population density of about 103.7 individuals per square mile.

The World's Most Densely Populated Cities

Rank´╗┐CityPopulationDensity (Per Sq Km)
8Subang Jaya1,683,58923,911


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