The Tallest Buildings in Central America

Panama City is home to the majority of Central America's skyscrapers.

Central America is home to several skyscrapers which are some of the tallest in the western hemisphere. The tallest is the JW Marriott Panama which is one of the tallest buildings in the world, with a height of 961 feet. The Vitri Tower, the Stay Bay Tower, and The Point are the other three tallest buildings in Central America. All the top four tallest buildings in Central America are situated in Panama’s capital city, Panama City.

The Tallest Buildings in Central America

JW Marriott Panama

The JW Marriott Panama is Central America’s tallest building, with a height of 961 feet. The skyscraper was formerly known as The Bahia Grand Panama, the Trump International Hotel & Tower Panama, and the Trump Ocean Club. It is situated in Panama City, Panama. The 70 floors have a total floor area of 2.71 million square feet. The location on which the skyscraper stands has perfect views of the nearby Panama Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Construction of the skyscraper commenced in 2007 and ended in 2011, at a total cost of $400 million. The skyscraper was previously owned by US President Donald Trump's Trump Organization in conjunction with Panamanian resort developer, Roger Khafif. The hotel was officially renamed under the JW Marriott name in 2018.

Vitri Tower

Vitri Tower is a tall residential building situated in the Costa del Este region of Panama City, Panama. The building is the second tallest building in Central America and the tallest residential skyscraper in Central America, with its height of 922 feet being only surpassed by the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower. However, the Vitri Tower has more floors than the Trump Ocean Club, as it is made up of 75 floors. Panamanian architectural firm, “Pinzon Lozano and Asociados” was tasked with designing the skyscraper whose construction commenced in 2007. By 2012, construction of the Vitri Tower was complete and ready for occupancy.

Bicsa Financial Center

The Bicsa Financial Center is a tall mixed-use building situated in the Avenida Balboa area of Panama City, Panama. The building is also known as the Star Bay Tower or the Ice Tower. The Bicsa Financial Center which rises 876 feet above the city streets, is the third tallest building in Central America and is the fourth tallest in Latin America. The Bicsa Financial Center is made up of 65 floors, which have a total floor area of over 2.281 million square feet. The Hilton Hotel occupies the lower floors of the building while BICSA occupies numerous top floors. The “Pinzon Lozano and Asociados” architectural company used the postmodern architectural design when designing the skyscraper. Construction of the Bicsa Financial Center was undertaken between 2009 and 2013, with the building finally being opened in November 2013.

The Point

The Point is a tall residential skyscraper located in the Punta Paitilla area of Panama City, Panama. The height of skyscraper of 873 feet makes The Point the fourth tallest building in Central America and the second-tallest residential building in Central America. The Point, however, it is the third with most floors of any building in Central America, with 67 floors. Construction of The Point took about six years between 2006 and 2011.

Panama City Skyscrapers

Traditionally, San Salvador and Guatemala City had the tallest buildings in Central America as the two countries were relatively more developed than other countries in the region. However, the real estate industry in Panama has experienced tremendous growth, leading to an intense construction boom in the country’s capital, Panama City. The city currently has 49 buildings which are classified as skyscrapers, the highest number of any city in Central America.

The Tallest Buildings in Central America

RankBuilding NaeHeight (Meters)LocationYear Constructed
1JW Marriott Panama284Panama City, Panama2011
2Vitri Tower281Panama City, Panama2011
3Torre KOI280Mexico City, Mexico2017
4Star Bay Tower267Panama City, Panama2013
5The Point266Panama City, Panama2011
6Arts Tower265Panama City, Panama2011
7Tower Financial Center255Panama City, Panama2011
8Torre Refora246Mexico City, Mexico2016
9Ocean Two245Panama City, Panama2011
10Pearl at the Sea242Panama City, Panama2011
11F&F Tower242Panama City, Panama2012
12Torre BBVA Bancoer235Mexico City, Mexico2015
13Rivage232Panama City, Panama2012
14YooPanaa232Panama City, Panama2012
15Waters Tower232Panama City, Panama2011
16Megapolis Tower230Panama City, Panama2011
17Torre ayor225Mexico City, Mexico2003
18Q Tower210Panama City, Panama2011
19Ten Tower210Panama City, Panama2011
20White Tower210Panama City, Panama2011
21Yacht Club Tower210Panama City, Panama2011
22Aqualina Tower210Panama City, Panama2007
23Oasis on the Bay207Panama City, Panama2012
24Ocean One207Panama City, Panama2008

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