What Are the Mid-Atlantic States?

New York City is the largest city in the Mid-Atlantic states.

The Mid-Atlantic states is one of nine divisions of the northwest region of the United States. According to the US Central Bureau, the Mid-Atlantic states include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. This division is a relatively affluent region in the country, and includes some of the most prosperous counties in the nation. However, other definitions of the Mid-Atlantic states also include Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia.

New Jersey

New Jersey shares its borders with three other US states: New York to the north and east, Delaware to the southwest, and Pennsylvania to the west. The state also has coastline on the Atlantic Ocean to the east and south, and coastline on the Delaware Bay to the southwest. New Jersey covers an area of 22,591.38 square km, had an estimated population of 9,005,644 in 2017, and Trenton its capital city. It is the third most prosperous US state in terms of median household income. Although New Jersey has a multifaceted economy, pharmaceuticals, finance, printing and publishing, food processing, and tourism are some of the state's key industries.

New York

New York is another Mid-Atlantic state. The state has an area of 141,300 square km, and with a population of 19,849,399 people, New York is the fourth most populated US state. Albany is the state capital, but New York City is the world’s richest city and its metropolitan area accounts for more than 40% of the state's total population. New York borders five other US states, as well as Canada. The state shares a maritime border with Rhode Island. 13.6% of New York's total area is water, and large parts of the state’s borders are water boundaries. The state has shorelines on two Great Lakes (Lake Erie and Lake Ontario), as well as coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.


Pennsylvania is also located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. The state borders six other US states, as well as the Canadian province of Ontario. Pennsylvania occupies an area of 119,283 square km, has an estimated population of 12,805,537, and Harrisburg is the state capital city. 1,269 square km of the state's total area are inland waters, while the waters of Lake Erie make up 1,940 square km.

The Mid-Atlantic States By Population

RankState or TerritoryPopulation
1New York19,849,399
3New Jersey9,032,872
6West Virginia1,815,857
8Washington, D.C.693,972

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