The 10 Biggest Cities In Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota.

The US state of Minnesota is located in the Midwestern region of the country. With a population of 5,519,952 inhabitants, it is the 22nd most populous state in the US. It has an area of 206,232.3 square km that makes it the 14th most extensive state in the US. Minnesota has 87 counties with 853 incorporated cities.

The 5 Most Populated Cities In Minnesota


With a population of 382,578 individuals, Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota. The city is also the county seat of the Hennepin County. It is the country’s 45th most populated city. The cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and suburbs together comprise the Twin Cities metropolitan area which together hosts around 3.6 million people. Minneapolis spreads out on either side of the Mississippi River. The city has numerous water bodies and wetland habitats. In the past, the city was famous as the flour milling capital of the world. Today, it is a thriving center of commerce and culture in the Midwest region of the county.

Saint Paul

The second most populous city of Minnesota, St. Paul, is the capital city of the state. It has a population of 285,068 people. It is the county seat of Ramsey County. St. Paul is located mostly on the Mississippi River’s eastern bank. The city hosts the Xcel Energy Center, a multi-purpose arena that is also the home of the Minnesota Wild (a professional ice hockey team). The Science Museum of Minnesota located in the city is also well-known. St. Paul is also a major center of business in the Upper Midwest region.


The city of Rochester is Minnesota’s third biggest city. It serves as the county seat of Olmsted County. Rochester is home to a population of 106,769 individuals. The city has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the US. The Mayo Clinic is based in this city and forms the backbone of its economy. The Rochester campus of IBM is one of the company’s most important R&D and manufacturing center.


The fourth most populous city of Minnesota, Duluth, is home to 86,265 people. It is a major port city of the state and also serves as the county seat of Saint Louis County. Located on the Lake Superior’s north shore, it is the county’s biggest city on the lake. Oceangoing vessels from the Atlantic can access the port at Duluth via the Great Lakes Waterway. Duluth hosts numerous tourist attractions like the world’s longest freshwater baymouth bar which is 10 km long, the country’s only all-freshwater aquarium, and the Aerial Lift Bridge.


Located on the northern bank of the Minnesota River in Hennepin County, Bloomington is Minnesota’s fifth biggest city. It hosts a population of 82,893 people. Bloomington is surrounded by vast stretches of natural areas like the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. It is home to the Mall of America, the country’s biggest enclosed shopping center.

The Smallest City In Minnesota

Located in the Beltrami County, Funkley is Minnesota’s smallest city. With a population of only five (2010 census), it is the least populous incorporated place in the state.

The 10 Biggest Cities In Minnesota

RankCity2010 CensusCounty
2Saint Paul285,068Ramsey
4Duluth86,265St. Louis
6Brooklyn Park75,781Hennepin
8St. Cloud65,842Stearns

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