Most Populated Islands in the World

Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, is located on the northwestern coast of the island of Java.
Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, is located on the northwestern coast of the island of Java.

Islands are pieces of sub-continental land that are bordered by water. These islands vary in size with Greenland being the world’s largest inhabited island that occupies an area of about 836,330sq miles. There are six different types of islands including oceanic, coral, tidal, barrier, artificial, and continental islands. The population of all the islands on earth is about 730 million with Honshu and Java being home to 1% of the world’s population.

The Three Most Populated Islands


Java is an Indonesian island that is surrounded by the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean. Java is the most populous island on the planet with over 141.4 million residents. The island is home to 56.7% of the Indonesians. It is the fifth biggest Indonesian islands and thirteenth largest on earth which occupies an area of about 53,588.5sq miles. Java has 38 mountains. The 12,060 ft tall Mount Semeru is the tallest volcanic mountain in Java. The island has two special regions and four administrative provinces. A huge percentage of the locals are Muslims. The main languages spoken on the island include Madurese, Sundanese, and Javanese. Javanese is the native language of over 60 million Indonesians.


Honshu is the biggest and most populous Japanese island that is situated north of Shikoku. Honshu separates the North Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Japan. Honshu is the second most populous and seventh-biggest islands on the planet. Honshu is home to over 104 million people, and it occupies an area of about 88,020sq miles. Mount Fuji (12,388ft) is the tallest peak in Honshu. Honshu is a mountainous and volcanic island which experiences recurrent earthquakes. Over 25% of Honshu’s population lives in the Greater Tokyo region. Some of Japan’s former capitals like Kamakura, Nara, and Kyoto are in Honshu Island. Honshu is split into 34 prefectures and 5 nominal regions including Kansai, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, and Chugoku regions. Honshu is linked to Shikoku, Kyushu, and Hokkaido by tunnels and bridges.

Great Britain

Great Britain is the ninth-largest island on earth and the biggest European island with an area of 80,823 sq miles. Great Britain is the third most populous islands with over 64.2 million people. Great Britain is the biggest island in the British Isles archipelago, and it is part of the United Kingdom. A vast percentage of Wales, Scotland, and England are on Great Britain. Some of the biggest urban regions on the island include Liverpool, Glasgow, London, Nottingham, and Manchester-Salford among others.

The Most Densely Populated Islands on the Planet

The most densely populated island in the world is Haiti's Ilet a Brouee. It is a Caribbean island that has a population of 500 people. Ilet a Brouee occupies an area of about 0.002 sq miles and has a population density of approximately 320,000/sq miles. Aberdeen Island, also known as Ap Lei Chau, is the world’s second-most densely populated island which occupies an area of about 0.5sq miles. Aberdeen Island is situated in Hong Kong, and it has a population density of about 172,895/sq miles.

Most Populated Islands in the World

RankIslandPopulation (Millions)
3Great Britain64.2
8Mainland Australia24.4
11Sri Lanka (Ceylon)21.2
13Sulawesi (Celebes)18.5

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