Is Switzerland A Country?

Old city center of Bern, the de-facto capital of Switzerland.
Old city center of Bern, the de-facto capital of Switzerland.

What Is a Country?

A country can be described as a nation in a particular geographical location which has its own recognized government, constitution, and a political stand. Switzerland is a country as it has a recognized federal government which operates from the city of Bern. Switzerland is made up of 26 distinct cantons. The Swiss cantons can be described as federated states which have their courts, constitution, parliament, and police. In comparison to other federal states, the Swiss cantons are less restricted in the manner in which it is governed. However, Switzerland has a Federal Constitution which was put in place in the year 1848 which guides all the federal states. Concerning politics, Switzerland has held a neutral position this has helped it in reducing the number of countries it fights.

Geography of Switzerland

Switzerland lies between latitude 45 degrees to 48 degrees to the North and between longitude five degrees and eleven degrees to the East. The state is bordered by Germany to the north, Italy to the south, France to the west, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. A large portion of the country is made up of the Alps, the Jura, and the Swiss plateau. The Alps cover approximately sixty percent of the entire Swiss geographical area. The Swiss Alps is the origin of four major rivers which transverse the European continent. The river is the Rhine river, river Rhone, River Inn, and river Ticino. The state has more than fifteen hundred lakes within its borders and six percent of the total fresh water in the European continent.

History of Switzerland

Switzerland obtained its first independence from the Holy Roman Empire in the year 1648 where the peace of Westphalia established its independence. In the year 1798, Switzerland was conquered by the French government of that time and abolished the cantons systems. However, when war broke out, the Swiss refused to fight alongside the French. The move by the Swiss to abandon France during the war forced Napoleon to meet with some of the then leading Swiss politicians in 1803. The meeting resulted in Napoleon reintroducing nineteen cantons. However, the Congress of Vienna, which was held in 1815, reinstated the other cantons. The nation has not engaged in any international war with any country in the world since the year 1815 to date.

General Facts about Switzerland

Switzerland has a population of over 8.5 million people whom mostly occupy the plateau areas of the Swiss. The country has some cities some of which are known as economic hubs such Zurich and Geneva. Individuals living in Switzerland speak and originate from four distinct cultures which are French, Italian, German, and Roman. However, despite their cultural differences, the Swiss have common beliefs and values which guides them. The Swiss believe and value direct democracy, federalism, and alpine symbolism which have enabled them to work together in building the Switzerland the world currently identifies.


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