Best Cities to Live In: Alberta, Canada

Sylvan Lake is a vibrant lakeside community in Alberta.
Sylvan Lake is a vibrant lakeside community in Alberta.

Alberta is the most populous of the three Prairie Provinces and the fourth populous in the country with an estimated population of 4.2 million. A quarter of the population lives in the city of Calgary which is the largest in the province. The province has the third highest GDP after Ontario and Quebec and the second highest per capita income of at $74,343. The province has proven to be a preferred destination for Canadians and immigrants. The following are the 10 best cities to live in Alberta.

10. Sylvan Lake, AB

Sylvan Lake is located in central Alberta sixteen miles west of Red Deer. The town lies on the southeast corner of Sylvan Lake. It is a vibrant lakeside community that respects and conserves the environment. The quality of life is higher and than the other parts of the country. It is home to about sixteen thousand people but up to 1.5 million stream to the town during the holidays for recreational activities such as ice fishing, beach volleyball, festival, and winter skating.

9. Grande Prairie, AB

Grande Prairie is located in northwest Alberta in the southern portion of Peace River Country. The city of about 70,000 provides a blend of rural and urban setting. Between 2000 and 2006, Grande Prairie was among the fastest growing cities in the country. It is well served by transportation service including an airport, major highways, and a metro bus system. The average income is $124,030 while the unemployment rate is at 5%. On the downside, the crime level is extremely high.

8. Calgary, AB

Calgary has already established itself as a wonderful place to live even internationally. With a population of 1.2 million residents, Calgary is the fourth largest city in Cananda, a feature that attract more people including immigrants. Calgary is economically stable considering that many notable businesses have their headquarters in the city including major oil companies. Calgary has a dynamic job market that employs the population. The average income is $132,568 while unemployment rate stands at 8% which is slightly higher compared to the national average.

7. Lloydminster, AB

The city of Lloydminster traverses the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta. Lloydminster is a vibrant community that is experiencing significant growth.The city offers a rural environment with the convenience of urban services and amenities. About 13,000 people live on the Saskatchewan side while 20,000 live on the Albertan side. The average income is $111,599 while the unemployment rate is about 6.3%. Although the city lacks a railway system, an airport and a well-developed system offers efficient modes of transport.

6. Bonnyville No. 87, AB

Bonnyville is a small town of 14,500 located in east-central Alberta. The city is a blend of a rural environment with the infrastructure and amenities of an urban setting. It is a relatively clean environment with little pollution. The small population is well served by the road network, health and education facilities, and social amenities. The crime level in the city has dropped significantly. The average income of $144,739 is significantly higher than the national average while the unemployment rate of 3.9% is also significantly lower than the national average.

5. St. Albert, AB

St Albert is among the best places to settle in Alberta. It is a flourishing city located a few miles from northwest Edmonton. St Albert offers a family friendly environment with basic amenities readily available. The population is about 78,000 which is manageable for the city authorities. The unemployment rate stands at 6.8% while the average income is $147,201. St Albert is also considered among the healthiest cities in Canada.

4. Red Deer, AB

Red deer is the third populous city in Alberta with a population of 108,000. The city is part of a region known for the production of oil, grain, and the rearing of cattle. It is emerging as a preferred place for people seeking to settle in Alberta. Red Deer experiences a humid continental climate with a semi-arid influence. The Red Deer Regional Airport opens up the city to the rest of the world while a metro bus system provides transportation across the city. Education and health care are readily available while museums, ski resorts, and theatre are among the entertainment facilities. The average income is $115,055 while the unemployment rate stands at 4.9%.

3. Camrose, AB

The city of Camrose is located in central Alberta amid the rich farmlands of the prairies. It developed as a small city along the railroad but has since switched to develop along Highway 13. The average income of $98,525 is above the national average while the unemployment rate at 3.9%. Camrose is a lovely environment for outdoor activities and scenic landscape. It is often referred to as the "Rose City" because of the large number of wild roses that grow in the parklands

2. Canmore, AB

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Canmore is located 50 miles west of Calgary and borders Banff National Park. The town offers an outdoor lifestyle with picturesque scenery. Canmore is a perfect place to start a family because of the available social amenities and the friendly environment. The unemployment rate in the town is 5.1% while the average income is $75,848. The cost of property in the town is rising significantly as property investors rush to meet the demand for real estate.

1. Lacombe, AB

The city of Lacombe is located 16 miles north of the Albertan city of Red Deer. It lies at the point where the rolling countryside of Central Alberta meets the prairies to create a picturesque environment. The city is served by an airport, road, and rail. It is home to about 14,000 people. The attractive environment is among the major reason why people migrate to . The unemployment rate is about 4.9% while the average household income is $97,800. Property tax is significantly higher at 76.6%.


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