10 Interesting And Unique Facts About Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.
Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan.

Taiwan is a country in East Asia. It claims sovereignty, but China considers it an autonomous province. Taiwan covers 13,826 square miles and has a population of roughly 23.5 million, making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It is not a member of the United Nations and is not recognized by most of the members including the United States, although both states maintain a close relationship. Taiwan is a highly urbanized country with Taipei serving as the largest and capital city. The following are interesting facts about Taiwan:

The Republic of China

Taiwan is officially known as the Republic of China. It is popularly known as Taiwan because the government that broke off from the People’s Republic of China established a separate government at the island of Taiwan. Vatican City and a few other members of the United Nations recognize the sovereignty of the state.

Biking is Popular

Taiwanese people prefer cycling. Although other modes such as the metro train, trams, and roads are well developed, people prefer bicycles because they exercise and beat traffic jams at the same time. The city of Taipei has well-developed cycling paths that pedestrians and vehicles are prohibited from using.

Wi-Fi Everywhere

The government of Taiwan has invested a lot to provide free internet to the public. The residents of Taipei access free Wi-Fi in public places throughout the city, and the government seeks to emulate the same throughout the state by 2021.

Traditional Chinese

Taiwan uses the classic Chinese characters in the written form of the language. Other countries that speak Chinese use the simplified Chinese characters, including the People’s Republic of China. The autonomous regions of Hong Kong and Macau also use traditional Chinese.

Garbage Trucks Play Music

In the West, trucks that play music are associated with ice creams and candy, but in Taiwan, trucks play music to prompt the citizens to bring out their garbage. There are no specific melodies to play, but truck drivers are free to play whatever they want.

White Symbolizes death

In most countries, white symbolizes peace and harmony, but in Taiwan, white is a symbol of death and associated with funerals. It is rare to witness weddings with a white theme. Red symbolizes good luck and is, therefore, a preference in celebrations.


There are 14 aboriginal tribes in Taiwan and jointly account for 1.8% of the population. It is believed that the aboriginals had existed on the island for more than 8,000 years before the Han Chinese began migrating and settling in the 17th century.

0.9 Babies

The fertility rate in Taiwan is among the lowest in the world. The average number of children per Taiwanese woman is about 0.9. One of the reasons attributed to the low birth rate is the high cost of education and childcare, and unemployment.

Rain is Not Good

Taiwanese are sensitive about their skin. Industrialization and the country’s proximity to mainland China have created the notion that rainfall is acidic and corrosive to the skin. Whenever it rains, the streets are deserted, and a few drops of water on the skin is treated seriously.

Colors of the Flag

The colors of the flag represent the three principles of the Taiwanese in making their country prosperous, powerful, and sovereign. Red symbolizes togetherness and livelihood, blue represents nationalism and liberty, while white stands for equality and democracy.


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